Monday, December 31

SO LONG 2012,HELLO 2013

Libby and Mark
 Sitting here at work.I am at "The Estates"Working a 2.30 pm to 8 am .First client was from 2:30 pm to 8 am The second(right across the hall) Is from 8 pm, to 8 am.(they provide a bed on the night shift.I sleep when she she sleeps.YES I'm working on News Years Eve. But a lot of people are not, I am grateful to God for the job Even though .Id rather be spending it with my Church Family.We have Church tonight from 8 to 11 p, then afterwards a large group gathers to eat and fellowship.I chose to work.Tonight they had a News Years Eve dinner in the dining hall for the residents that live at The Estates.It is a real nice place one and two bedroom apartments.Two story.About 150 apartments.They had the dining hall decorated and a variety of food.My friend Mark also worked.He assisted one of the clients from 4pm, to 8pm,So we all sat together,He is a character.He was letting two of the ladies 88 and 89 feel his muscles at the dinner table,They giggled like High school girls. Ooohed and Awwwd over him.It was a Blessing for him to come in and assist.He and his Wife had plans,but he needed the work so he came in.I love sitting and listening to The elderly tell there stories,When we would ask them a question there eyes would like up,And they tell it with such detail and compassion.

                                      So ask I look back on 2012 I'm trying to come up with a list of huge accomplishments and goals.Truth is.Nothing really comes to mind.Except that fact I am grateful I still have my Family and my health(Sounds cleshay)But its true,having lost most of my Family and being healed by God after a two year illness of H pylori and Ulcers,I am grateful.My goal was to buy  a home in 2012.But not yet.I love the house I'm renting,It feels like Home to me.I say that because in 2010 I lost my home of 30 something years to a crooked bank scam.After moving I had to renew my driver licence, I realized from the age of 18 to 45 I've never had another address on my D.L. til now.And I remind myself God has a plan for everything,That includes Change.......

I am looking forward to 2013.Great expectations,Change and planning on enjoying life a little more,Blessed to have my little dog Nuggett with me.
                         To many years of heartache and sorrow.Time to see what "New" things are in store for Johns World.Maybe even settle down.My friends say I'm to set in my ways at my age.But you never know.So my blogger friends I want to wish you a Blessed New Year and may you laugh a little more,Smile often and ease up on the worrying.

Tuesday, December 25


                                           December 25th 2012 is about to come to and end.Another Christmas came and went.I had a really nice Christmas.Of course I waited til the last minute to do any Christmas shopping.Yesterday I ran to Kmart to grab the gifts I needed.I took Nuggett(My dog) with me. Kmart was packed.I should of known.I had my list of items texed to my phone.(This is 2012) we Dont carry paper anymore LOL Maybe we should the way my Smart phone hides numbers from.I rolled the Windows to my truck down some, made sure Nug was comfortable.Fought my way thru the crowd.People were actually nice this year.I walked to my truck with my bags,Poor Nug was laying in there passenger seat.She was having a seizure. I'm not sure what brings these on.Her back legs become paralyzed. Dry mouth.Pupils dilated and I have to pet her and talk her thru them. I'm thinking she gets a hold of candy or sugar some how. Got her thru it and headed home.Pouring down raining.

                                      Got up this morning and I had to finish up my shopping.So out I go again.Only store open was CVS. Founds some nice gifts there.
                                              At 3 p.m. I went to my Sisters for dinner.She made everything herself.Had a nice time.(So grateful for everyday we get to spend with her,After being diagnosed 2 years ago with the cirrhosis of the liver(She is 2 years 6 months sober)She liked her jacket I bought her.Gave the B.I.L cash and lottery tickets.He was happy with that and it wasn't a whole lot.After dinner I went over to Best friends to exchange gifts and eat(again)His kids were so excited to open there gifts. Ages 6 and 4.The 6 year led the prayer.She said And God Bless John.......Love them kids.So now I'm home and relaxing in the living room.Tree and lites on and the house smells of pine.Jan 1st I'll take it all down and store it away.

                                 I want to thank God for having his hand upon two people that I love. On Sunday My Neice was driving to her Moms to bake cookies and she hit black ice and rolled her SUV Thank God she wasn't hurt.Her SUV is totaled and she is sore but ok. That same night at 8 pm I got a call a good friend had over dosed.He accidentally over took muscle relaxers(Soma) and his wife said he wasn't responding.I drove there as fast as I could praying all the way.I lost a Sister in 1999 to the exact same Prescription pill.I HATE those Muscle relaxers.By the time I got there Ambulance and fire department were in his driveway.My legs could hardly carry me.I made my way up to his car.Where he sat in the passenger seat.His eyes were open.THANK GOD.They got him on the gurney.Took six men, He was shaking and couldn't talk,They got am IV in him.They let me talk to him.When I called his name.He replied and slowly started talking.They treated him very nice.He was in the hospital til 2 a.m. They wanted to make sure it wasn't a suicide attemp They ran all kinds of tests and a Cat scan to make sure he was ok. I know for a fact it wasn't a suicide attempt
                       .Sorry readers I wasn't going to write about anything heavy on this post.I was going to stick to Christmas.But I have to mention it and say THANK YOU JESUS for having your hand upon my niece and my friend and giving me a peace of mind thru all the storms.I hope you all had a Blessed Christmas. Heres looking to 2013.

Wednesday, December 19


Wow what a day, I'm not kidding.I was sitting in the parking lot of CVS/Longs.Had My niece age 6 and nephew age 4,We were waiting on their dad.he was getting Christmas cards printed up.L.was crying because he didn't have his gloves and H. was hyped up on Sprite telling us a story about Twig branch named Polly.The story actually caught my attention,It was pouring down raining out. All of a sudden We felt a huge thump.I rolled down my window to see what was happening.A green van pulled up next to my truck.The driver had just walked into CVS. The slider door on his van opened and the metal rack came down and hit my drivers side.I couldn't open my door. So I called My friend M. he didn't answer.So I called CVS. After ten minutes.M came out and he seen the rack up against my door.Then the elderly gentleman walked out.I had to call him over.I explained what happened. He took a quick glance at my truck,Said No scratches.Sorry Merry Christmas.Ironic thing was he had a huge stick in his window that read, PLEASE DON'T PARK WITHIN 8 FEET wheel chair Lift installed.Goes both ways buddy!!

                                      We drove off.I was taking M, and the kids home.Pouring down raining,He was eating a Burrito and the kids were singing there Christmas songs.All of sudden I see a White car with know brake lights stopped in front of me.I tapped my brakes lightly.And I couldn't stop my truck,We hydroplaned and started going side ways,It felt like eternity in slow motion.I looked over at M. and he wasn't saying a word.Just staring straight ahead.The rice from his burrito was flying everywhere.We were heading into a ditch.I had no control over my truck.I turned the steering wheel slightly to keep from over correcting.We bottomed out, hitting the ditch with a hard thump.I managed to get the truck to turn back to the left,Two cars behind me slamming on their brakes.It was a horrible feeling, especially with kids in the truck,They were crying,L. age 4 said he had two broken arms.(He was fine) H, said she hit her head.But we were all fine. Thank God. Dropped them off.On the way home my glasses decide to break in half.They were hanging on my thread.Got home texed my Sister, She said" Brother get in the house and call it a night" So I did.I put on a Christmas movie.Plugged in the tree lights and enjoyed my evening.Around 11 pm I went to bed. Thinking OK John you survived the night.
The Couch might be Safer!!!
Now pray and go to sleep.About 2 a.m. I was awaken with a whack to my forehead.Blood started to trickle down.It was SANTA.Some how my hand got tangled in the Christmas lights on my headboard(decorated to be festive..No more to pulled them down.Grabbing the heavy Santa Ornament that was sitting on my headboard.Pulled that sucker right down on my forehead.I jumped out of bed.Turned on the light.Santa laid there in the bed. Nuggett woke up long enough to shake her head in disbelief and go back to sleep.I washed my face.The bleeding stopped.I went back to bed.Thinking WOW only in Johns World does this happen.

Saturday, December 15


 Its been raining off and on here.I thought Id stay home and catch up on my laundry. Still wearing what I wore to bed last night.My t shirt and favorite red shorts.My laundry room is located inside my garage. I  have to go out the front door and open the garage.Nuggett (my dog) was right behind me,She hates the rain.She wanted to turn around and run back in the house.I said C'mon  Nug lets go,Singing We wish you a Merry Christmas.She was shaking.Partly from the rain,But mostly from my singing.We get inside the garage,I throw a load in.Turn to head back when I noticed I had my shorts on backwards.(Wow, what happened last night. lol) For some reason I had to fix them. I turned them around real quick.My garage door faces My Gate in the Alley.Without thinking I took a step,The shorts weren't pulled up and I took a fall, hitting the cold cement floor.I used my right elbow to break my fall.So I'm laying there on the ground,Its pouring down raining.Shorts to my knees..Nug staring at me like You Idiot!!!! I couldn't stop laughing.To make matters worse.The gate opens and in walks the mail man,He has a package for me.(Of all the days)He sees me on the ground,does a double take,My face is as red as my shorts .                                                      "Hello,.Do I need to sign something?".He said "Dont worry about it,"                                                             I said "Its been one of those mornings"He sets the package on my tool box As he he's walking away he says " I can tell" I picked myself up along with my pride,Huge bruise starting to form.Pulling those dang shorts up, Grabbed the package,C'mon Nug(by the way, she didnt even bark at the mailman) back in the house.We run in out of the rain.Sat down to open the package,WASNT EVEN MINE...WRONG HOUSE...

Sunday, December 9

"Memories of Christmas"


                                                                                                                                                                        Well I did it,I finally bought a tree and dragged the boxes of decorations out of the garage.On Wednesday I picked up my Sis, took her and bought her a Noble tree.For some reason I decide on a 3 foot tree that ended up looking like a bush from the streets.(Go figure) Put on Christmas Music,Got us a hot chocolate and we made a "New Memory"

                                     Then today I decided to go thru the boxes.Wow talk about memories flooding back,Moms ceramic Christmas tree that She sat out every year since 1967.Then I came across their Elf's stockings,The hair was all matted and the material has began to fade from White to brown...

                                       To someone else they might be Old tattered dolls that need to be redone or thrown out.But to me,I can see them hanging in Mom and Dads living room.I had bought for them one year,(matching set of course.)Memories come flooding back. Us sitting in the living room on Dakota Street .Having coffee at night watching Christmas movies, All of laughing in unison.There are no words to describe the Family I had.The love we shared,Our house was the house the neighborhood kids would come to hang out.Mom always cooking a big meal, Dad pulling a prank on someone.Just to get a good laugh. Every year he would buy Mom a poinsettia for Christmas.No matter how broke we were.One Christmas Dad didn't have any money to buy Mom a gift, During our Christmas dinner,He walked in wearing his nicest clothes,clean shaven(He was a T shirt& jeans cowboy hat guy) Said "Honey I couldn't buy you anything for Christmas,So I'm giving myself to you,"And he spent that Christmas in the kitchen cleaning up& doing the dishes.At the time I didn't understand how much that meant to Mom.Now I do
                  .   Opps I got off track. So I went thru each box and set things out.Made my home festive.And to me Christmas is the Gift that Christ gave us,He could of placed me anywhere in this world.But he gave me MY Parents for awhile.Mom 2005,Dad 2008,

                                            Anyone reading this,please take the time to enjoy your family.Tomorrow is not promised.And Start making some Christmas Memories of your own...

Sunday, December 2

Seriously,Who Critiques A Funeral?

                   I have to write another entry about Some of the Elderly at "The Estate" They mean well but are really to much sometimes(Gotta love them).Sandra age 89(mentioned in the last entry) Asked me to escort her to a Funeral.The funeral was to be held at 4 p.m across the parking lot in the Church that owns "The Estates" If you read my blog you know  I've gone to, way to many funerals in my life.And have a hard time going .But I agreed to escort her.I got to her apartment at 3p.m. She was dressed very nice.Waiting for me in her scooter.
                         "Your late we need to get to the funeral"She says staring at her watch.
                         "Sandra we are fine, its a five minute walk and three minutes, if we are going by scooter."I replied trying to make a joke........ "Well come on, we have people waiting in the lobby,They want to go with us" She looked  at her watch again and made a bee line for the front door.The funeral we were attending, None of us knew the Woman except that, her daughter is a waitress at The Estates and wewere told her Mother had passed away in her sleep.She was only 54.She had been sick awhile.(Very sad,) The residents wanted to show there support.
                                 So we get to the lobby, I'm not kidding five people on Scooters were waiting and ready to go,. Along with four people with walkers.Sandra looking at her watch.AGAIN "Come everybody we are going to be late"She yells. Hazel(eyes closed, choir director in my last entry) "We are waiting on Bob, he wanted to go with us so he doesn't get lost" Its in the parking lot 500 feet away people. I thought to myself..Sandra insist everyone head on over."Its rude to arrive to funeral late".She says with authority. Then she turns her scooter on and leads the gang on over.We get to the Church.Its a huge Church,the Family sitting in the front three rows.Its very quite.No music nothing. Me feeling very uncomfortable.Walking in with this huge group of elderly people on Scooters,&Walkers (Dont get me wrong.I know growing old isn't easy) Everyone of them talking loudly thinking they're whispering And believe me they were not."I said Sandra lets sit back" ."OH no I want to sit up close to see the body" Then she accidentally  hits the horn on her Scooter and it echos thru the Church like an Amtrak train.Then she yells to me."I cant get up out of my scooter,Ill park here in the middle row." She glances over at the coffin.Says to the others.She just Doesn't look good dead",I wanted to crawl under the pew. Then she looks at her watch. AGAIN. "Minister should of started by now,where is he? An usher hands her a program guide.She opens it...... deep sigh "small print, I cant read this.Here read it to me""I will later Sandra.later"

                            The minister enters thru the side door,looks over and smiles.I can tell this is probably his first funeral.He gestures upstairs to the sound room to start the music.The sound system blast.Sandra screams "MY LORD,Was was that?"and some of the family members jump.I began to pray Dear God help me.........They show a slide show of the Women's life.I can see Sandra in the dark looking at her watch sighing. After what seemed like eternity(in reality it was half an hour).The Minister concluded with a prayer and said there is food in the dining hall , please head over and eat. Several of us sat together,we ate and fellow shipped.In walked Bob,Am I late?"No one said a word.Then Sandra spoke up," It was such a lovely funeral wasn't it?I about fell out off my chair.Elderly people You gotta love them.