Thursday, August 27


The title says it all.I weigh in at 204lbs Put back on ten pounds of the 25 I lost Doctor put me on a diet to lower colesterol).There is no excuse as to why I went on a snack binge.Life has been stressful lately.....July 17th I took my Sister to the emergency room she was very sick.Her vision was in and out.She couldnt stand up.She bacame very confused.The hospital ran alot of tests. The Doctor said her liver was inflamed.Sis had been sneaking alcohol again, after 3 years sober she relapsed.The doctor told me."I am going to put it blunt to you, Your probably going to lose your Sister"I prayed God help her , to help herself, Give us strength to get through this difficult time.Having lost three siblings you become numb, scared . A Minister and his wife from my Church came up to the hospital and prayed for my Sister.The next morning I walked into her she was awake and sitting up having lunch and talking, her confusion about 80% gone.I was so happy..... Yes I ate her dessert (Im bad).Sis spent the next five weeks in the hospital.Some days were better then others. I went everyday and sat with her two hours a day.During this time I hit the vending machine like a gambler in a casino..JACK POT..chips,sodas,candy bars, it became comfort food to me. I made excuses for not excercising..But Sis is home now(Thank God) and doing better.Its day by day for her. I am determined to dropping ten pounds as required from my doctor.Today I am 204 pds not to bad for a guy 5'10" But not good with bad colestrol.Im back on track and will up date you all soon.
Keep my Sister Iin your thoughts and prayers
Thank you