Saturday, February 9


Is there anyone out there.I need to update my blog friends list with more recent bloggers.If you read this or any of my entries please comment so I can read your blog.

Saturday, February 2


 Well Sunday's the BIG game. And it has hit California like an epidemic. Everywhere you go you see People wearing Niner Colors.I even recognized a few long time loyal Raider fans jumping the band wagon (Thats OK there's room for ya all.) .One thing for sure the Superbowl is good for the economy.There is Kaeperbick Cakes in the shape of a tattooed Arm (SOLD OUT) Wait........  Did I say A cake in the shape of a tattooed arm sold out???cupcakes,key chains,Bumper stickers.Caps,gloves ECT. And that's just at my house. Living just 30 mins away from Colin Kaepernicks home town Turlock Ca. (Which is now on the map) Is an awesome feeling.Finally Were known for something good.Sun Feb 3rd 2013 .History in the making!.
        Coach Jim Harbaugh had to take Alex Smith out due to a concussion and replace him with 25 year old Kaepernick and an over night sensation was born.
Joe Montana winning Super Bowl in 1989
                             Earlier tonight I was helping out at "The Estates".In walked two elderly ladies Janice and Mary (80's)Both of them pushing this cart with a huge white box on top.Janice looked up at me and said "WE GOT IT,Our Kaepernick Cake came in."And there sold out. It is so big it didn't fit in my fridge."She said with excitement. "So were heading to the kitchen near the lobby.Cook is gonna store our cake til the game."There faces were lit up.Poor Mary was out of breath though, and had to stop for a breather. I offered to help.They didn't let me near that Cart.They hovered over it like it was a GOLD MINE, both ladies   were wearing matching Kaepernick Superbowl Sweatshirts.If these elderly people start lining up for tattoo's. I'm going into intercessory prayer for them. LOL, It is nice for a change to see people happy and excited and not talking about Obama,Gun Control,This tax that Cut.The World ending and so forth. Well you get the picture.Come Sunday I'll be in Church saying my prayers That The 49ers win.Dont judge me.Its not for me,its for the sweet little ladies  at"The Estates" .Ok! ok !and for me as well.