Friday, June 4


Hello Bloggers,
Sorry it's been awhile.Been working like crazy.(that's a good thing,here in Calif) Lets see.Lets go back.My best friend Mark and his Wife Amie and two kids came out for Marks Cousins wedding.They stayed a few days at my house.(My rental) I was thrown out of my home.I was so happy to see them. Its been four years.And I got to get to know his two year old son Luke and even baby sit His four year old daughter Hannah.While Mark show ed his wife his home town.We had a great time at his cousins wedding.Mark was the best man. Bobbie went with me and everything turned out real nice. Also lost a total of forty pounds in a year and half.Ulcers and then I decided to get my diet under control.Nothing fried,No fast food.No more coffee and no Pepsi's.So that helped me a lot. I did move into a Nice three bedroom rental That my Pastor has.He handed me the keys and said here its yours.Its a Nice house and a garage, So God has opened doors for me.As for the house.They lied from day one. Written contract stating I didn't have to empty sheds.Then they cut locks and stole my stuff.THE BANK DID THIS. My dads tools and old family pictures scattered everywhere.Thank God my neighbor called me at work.I was able to get the pictures back.Now that I'm healthy I might fight them. I closed escrow,I did the final paper work.Paid $1,000 for the title.Got a congratulations letter on the purchase of my home. Then THE PHONE CALL yesterday from loan agent stating.One job wouldn't verify 2008's income. And now theirs a sign posted in the yard FOR SALE. I have no words for this mess. All I can do is pray and ask God's peace be with me.My Mother built the house with her bare hands in1974. I was the only bid $89,000 and got it.So what went wrong. I'm trying not to to be angry.Because God has a plan for everything.So I'm asking for prayers God direct me and help me.I better stop here. Enough venting.Theres a purpose for this...They say God never puts more on us then we can handle.I guess that explains the peace I feel.Other wise I would feel totally devastated and LOST.o.k Bloggers I Will go and read some of yours and take my mind off things.Thanks Readers?friends Until next time