Wednesday, April 22


Dear Melissa,
Happy Birthday.
I can still hear you at age two saying May 18th 1980. thats my Birthday.I wanted post these two pictures of you. I think you were seven in this one. And the other one .You were in your early teens,And living inOklahoma And now your married to a good guy Steven and have three kids of your own. Michael,Matthew,Gracie(lil Piggy)..... You got the name Ms Piggy because 7 months you would eat a whole home made burrito.(About the only thing your Mom ever learned how to make) I hope you had a great birthday. Thinking of you always and love and miss you. Love Uncle Johnny.P.s. Send me a recent picture of you and I'll add it here.

Thursday, April 16


Wanted to Blog about this for three weeks,Just now getting around
to it, Bobbie(Missbehavensblog,Myself,My sister Trisha and Bobbie's Client Mrs G. Went to Sonora to take Mrs G. to her massage appointement.This woman is 83 and has been married for 63 years. They invited my Sister and I to to lunch.We stopped at a litttle place called "Bon Appaitie"Very nice, its in an old historic building with wooden floors.Sonora is a small town.Has a lot of History tied to it.Bobbie really didnt have the sandwhich(MrsG) did.I just did that to give her a bad time,Shes been on a healthy diet&Exercises and has lost over 50 pounds.But that's HER STORY SO PLEASE STOP BY HER BLOG..The Church is from the 1800's and is a Saint James Luthern Church, Beautiful Building. We enjoyed our lunch.Then Bobbie&Trisha hit the Got chalks 60 percent off sale.I waited in the car with a full belly and a tooth ache.We picked Mrs G up and headed home,It started to rain.All the way home she asked Me Now where do you live?After the seventh time I just started naming different towns. We did have a great day.Keep Mrs G in prayer Alsheimer is setting in.Also for Bobbie.She gets kicked out of the house about 30 times an hour and this goes on all day.Takes a special person to be able to assist someone like that.But all and all Mrs G. laughed a lot and her stories with accurate with such detail of years past was excellent, she shared many stories with us...

Monday, April 13


wanted to post an up date of Mark's Grandpa Ted. They spent Easter with him at the Rehabilitation Center.He's hanging in there. Getting tired,and having a hard time walking and eating. This is a Special Easter.Grandpa even had his Great Grandchildren there.

Mark and Grandpa Ted. This picture says it all.This Man has been a great influence and not just a Grandpa, but a friend. Marks Mom Kathy is Ted's daughter.She has put it in God's hands. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS....I Can't be there with my best friend Mark.We live 2000 miles a part.But prayer is Powerful.

Monday, April 6


Saturday was a nice day. We all got together over at Bobbies, And had a B.B.Q. It's always nice when family can together and have a good time, We took advantage of the warm weather. Even Got Bobbie&Anns Mom Jean to spend the day with us, Bobbie made Pork Ribs and macaroni salad and Her Their friend Shanna brought Aram Sandwhichs.Everything tasted great.

Phillip and Lilly and little Bobbie Joe were Washing the trucks&Cars.Just a fun day,And lets not furget the three four legged furrs,They were happy to get all the attention, Nothing like Family,Freinds Fun ANN





Saturday, April 4

Nice day today

Today was a nice day. Hung out with Bobbie (theres postongs on it now)
Stop by and add your self to her followers.Shes new and looking for a few blogs to read and get to know people. Not many postings lately. O.k. is everyone going to Face book, Tweitter or My space? We got to hang in there with our blogger buddies.Have a good evening all

Thursday, April 2


Trisha just want to say Happy Birthday to you. Im glad were still around to celebrate it. So many things have gone on. Anyways picking you up in the morning. Go to my house. Me you and Dee and Bobbie will grab some lunch and go down to Jacob myers Park and let the dogs run. It'll be nice just Bonding.I know you got your dinner date with Tom later at the Red lobster. How nice. Hope you have a great birthday.
Love your brother John