Thursday, July 29


Hello Bloggers,
On wednesday.I had to get my sister to Stanislaus Recover Center.The requirement was she had to be ther at 7:30 a.m And they only excepted five people a day. Well If shes had a bad night and just gets to bed at 2 a.,m, Its very hard, But wed morning,My other sister the Nurse called and encouraged us to make it down there. I woke up my sister and she said I got do this. So we drove SRC Got there at 8 a.m.I pulled over"lost" and asked for directions and if they were done excepting for the day.The woman said no come on down.So we arrived.My poor sister was weak and shaking.She had made the big step to rehab.We went in.Th lady said I'm sorry,All five slots were just filled.You gotta come every morning at 7:30a,m and hope to be excepted for an assessment. My sister said well can I please fill out the application?So we sat there as she filled it out. I seen her getting Little tired just from that.As I grabbed pamphlets to educate myself the phone rang. The woman called us over and aid.There's been a cancellation can you get across town by 9:30a.m THANK YOU JESUS,And we did, While waiting I finished filling out her paper work,My heart saddened by all the personal information of my beautiful sister.The counselor called her back.He told me o have seat for n hour. I explained shes getting confuse. After an hour they came out and he talked to me.He said e have her enrolled and she starts this Friday at 1p.m And said Ive seen some come Thur here trying to fake there way,But your sister seems determined.By the time we got to her house her feet were so swollen,Still retaining water and now her legs, GOD PLEASE HELP HER.I picked her up after work and brought her home with me.Day seven no alcohol.Shes in pain. Her son and his girlfriend came by for an hour.My sister had never met the baby.She enjoyed that,So tomorrow we go a class and Call on the list of doctors to get her insurance started and a liver specialist.please pray for her.Will keep you posted
Sincerely, John

Tuesday, July 27

Standing in the need of prayer

Hello Bloggers,
Its been awhile since Ive been on here.Well I lost my family home. Done!!!! Its over. Not only did They take some of my belongings,They took $1,000 that they had me put down for the title.And I wont get that back either.Ive learned to move on.Now my sister is sick,She was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Walking into that hospital reminds of all the others times Ive been there with loved ones. Hospitals have become of a place of fear instead of healing for me. I'm asking prayers for my sister,And that we can get her the help she needs.She does want to get better,But its long road ahead of her.She no medical insurance ad some people look down Their noses at us. Two woman from KAISER HOSPITAL IN MODESTO CALIF, Looked me in the eye and said don't bring her back here again.This is expensive,Next time take her to a county hospital.Then she she threatened me with.I'm documenting this in the computer that I told you not to bring her back her. Some snotty nose 20 something Hispanic girl is going to throw threats at me when my sister laying there in pain...(Not that Im prejudice,I described her so you all can pray for her)Not only did I get her name I am going to report her.I know our rights,Cant turn anyone away.Anyways asking God for a Miracle.I don't even care about the house anymore.Family is everything. Its not where you make your memories,Its who you make them with. Thanks bloggers for letting me vent. I've got calls to make.Try and get my sister insurance and into a recovery place,Pray for me.I serve a mighty God.