Monday, February 17


I gotta share another one of my adventures at"The Estates" Once a month the Association has a dinner for the Residence.Its an Independant living apartment building.
                   Very nice.One and two bedroom apartments enclosed in a security building. My client Sarah age 90 bought two tickets to the dinner.She said it would be just she and I.The couple she normally dines with were home resting tonight.So we sat down for dinner(from pass experiences) I know the elderly gang  are not going to like the live entertainment,Food or even the way the Prayer is said. Sarah and I are sitting at the table and shes enjoying the dinner(good so far)AND likes the music tonight.(good so far) 
                The man singing is not in great health either.He has kidney problems but loves to entertain and is volenteering his time, He has a great voice In strolls Sarahs neighbour who lives across the hall from Sarah.We call her Dorthy door slammer.Three or four times a day my Client practically jump out of her recliner from Dorthys door slamming shut.Door slammer is in and out of her apartment and she cant hear well so she SLAMS her door.Sarah jumps everytime."MAY I SIT WITH YOU TWO?Dorthy asks" 
                 I smile and Sarah motions to Dorthy to have a seat. A few eyes look our way as he continues to sing.He Begins to sing Darling, Darling stand by me.Dorthy talking at the top of her lungs. "I wouldnt have SEX with him let alone Stand by him, not with that pony tail." Sarah drops her fork in her plate. " ME NEITHER SISTER!!!! "Check please:

Saturday, February 15

Crazy Weather in Cali

Hello Bloggers,
Its been awhile since my last post.Took me half an hour just to get into my own blog.All these passwords Gmail,E mail google plus&yahoo to much.Needless to say I finally got on.We here in California have hit a drought.Ecen though its been very nice out.68 degrees and I see the East and West cold temps are unheard of.Ive been praying for it to warm up in Missouri New York ect.As for here we didnt get rain for 54 days.Scary..Really makes you stop and think we better take better care of our World.President Obama was in Fresno on Valentines day declaring a State of emergency for California. Lets all Unite and pray for one another that the Weather will balance out over the States.Im going to stop here Im rambling on.My next entry will be more light hearted.For now you all take care and say a prayer God Bless