Saturday, February 4

They Want to run more test on Sis.

Today was a nice sunny day here in California,In the 60's for Feb. I picked up my Sister Trisha and we went to Morris Nursery to buy some plants for my garden box.I thought it would be nice to get her out of the house.She had received her packet about the test there going to run for her liver transplant.Trish,Bonnie & Myself have to be in San Fran March 5th for three days.To go over different options.(Pray for her please) Shes been doing well.Sober a year and a half now.
                                               Anyways we walked around the Nursery.She had never been there before.Funny how you can live in a town 30 years and not take the time to stop and visit a place. She enjoyed it.I want to get her a garden box that she can hang.Her dog Spike will eat anything on the ground.
                                           We planted some flax,and some (Wedum)dragon blood andFestcue Blue(looks like grass)This is all new to me.A good friend of mine A. works at the Nursery and has been teaching me about plants. My Sister really enjoyed being out in the sun, Although she cant be out to long due to the medication.We laughed and made it fun.
                                           I'll post pics as the garden progresses.I am still on my healthy eating plan, slowly...I'll .Post again in a few days.Thanks for the prayers for Buddy(Thank You Sugarshack for posting it on facebook as well)Hes doing OK for now..Meds. are helping some. And Nugg's doing good,She  laid out in the sun today while we were outside.First chance she got she made a run for my room and jumped in her bed and slept the rest of the afternoon.Shes something else.I'll post again in a few days.Blessed week everyone...