Friday, July 6

4th of July

July has a been a busy month.On June 28th our Church opened its Firework Stand.Freedom Fireworks.This is out biggest fun raiser of the year.It takes a team to make up a successful booth.I really enjoyed the fellowship of the Church.gathered around the booth.Some nights we had 45 people.People brought food.The youth had a blast standing on the corner holding their signs.Yelling FIREWORKS....And we did great this year.Almost selling out everything.We had a raffle to give a way a bicycle.A young girl named Dana won the bike.Boy!was she excited,
                                                             And more good news.My best friend Mark got a job.(In California that's hard to do)He's been looking for work over a year.He signed on with a Temp Agency. They assigned him to a warehouse to fill orders for fireworks.Just so happened to be TNT the same company my Church is with.His first order was for my Church C.P.T.Thank God for the job.
                                                          On the 4th I went over and stayed the night with Mark &his family.We had a bar-b-Q, tri-tip,burger with works, great fellowship.Good clean fun.I enjoyed myself.Watching the children get excited about the fireworks,reminded me of my childhood,I to remember getting so excited,And back then they had the log cabin.Smoke would come out of the chimney..All in all its been a great week.
Thats all for now.....................