Saturday, February 28


.Just wanted to write and share my story. More like WARN the innocent.After Church I decided to go to my local Jack-in-the-box drive thru. I pulled up and was checking out the nicely lit up menu board,I seen Fish&Chips for $3.99(Not Bad). The picture shows three pieces of fish, some fries,and a drink. So I placed my order."can I get the Fish&Chip combo for $3.99?I asked" "What size drink would you like with that?" she asked "Just a regular, and make that a coke please."I answered," Would you like curly fries instead regular fries?"She asked ".Sure" I said. "O.k. Your total is $8.67 At the window please.I pulled forward.Thinking to myself How did it go from$3.99 to$8.67.Almost to embarrassed to mention it.I decided in these hard times.I'm going to ask.She began to break it down for me Talking like I was three. Oh the Coke doesn't come with the meal and the curly fries is 30 cents extra to change the fries.I told her boy they are going to get you one way are another aren't they.! Cancel the coke.(I said politly) She kind of rolled her eyes and yelled to the back of the room Cancel the drink he doesn't want it now.Thank God I wasn't buying a car. You would of thought I asked to back out of my contract.Do you still want your curly fries are should I change that too?You should change your attitude,there is about thirty people waiting in line that would love to have a job right now.(I thought that to myself).Now I know why Jacks in the hospital,He probably made a customer angry trying to charge extra for sour cream for two 99cent tacos. All this complaining has made me hungry.Well I'm off to McDonald's.Blogging off for now JP

Tuesday, February 24

"Newest Member of the Family"

This is the newest member of our Family, He's my great nephew.(my Sister Bonnie's Daughter Shannon's Son) Those of you who have read my blog remember Bonnie had the heart attack last month. Well yesterday was a happy occasion.GRAYSON GROVER FOSS Born around 3:30p.m. 8lbs 2 ounces. Parents are Vince&Shannon Foss-Stone ..Isnt he Awesome. And yes thats Proud Gramdma Bonnie holding Little Grayson..........WELCOME LIL ONE..
Blogging off for now JP

Monday, February 23

"Lady in the Rain"

The rain has been pouring down hard all night. I hesitated to run out and grab the newspaper.
I grabbed my umbrella and made a mad dash for the end of my drive way. Of course the newspaper was under the truck.Where I couldn't reach it. Wind blowing hard. Running back to get the rake ,
I almost slipped on the cement. Using the rake I got my partially wet paper out from under the truck. All the while complaining . Dang paper should of been at MY front door.
Turning to head back in. My Hands were freezing cold, That's when I noticed across the street.An elderly Hispanic woman,around 60 or so, walking in the rain. Holding in her right hand, must of been her Grand daughter 5 or 6 years old Bundled up holding a small umbrella.
The other hand she used a cane to support herself as they walked. The umbrella could not cover them both. Feeling ashamed of my complaining over a wet newspaper . I walked across the street. Slowly not wanting to frighten them. I said Par done mi (excuse me) And I gave her my umbrella She had a look of confusion in her eyes. And I turned and walked off,
We were able to communicate with very little words.That evening there was a knock at my door. A man(the girls father I'm assuming ) Handed me a plate He said "Gracious por Mama" (thank you for My Mom) and then left. The warm plate wrapped in tin foil had the aroma of fresh tamales . On top was a note I read the note. It had the penmanship of a child.
My Grandmother thanks you for your kindness,She had been praying for the rain to stop long enough to get me to School and back home.And God answered her prayer by sending YOU.
Suddenly my wet newspaper seemed insignificant to me.
Blogging off for now JP

Friday, February 20


Good afternoon
fellow bloggers.
Nothing like a good cup up coffee to start the day off. Asking prayers again for my Sister Dee.
Some of you may remember a while back she was sick. I took her in yesterday to the our Family Doctor and they gave her a shot for nausea.
Her blood pressure was exstremly high. Got her home so she could rest. Around 145 a:m Our rom mate Jerry yelled for me to come and check on Dee. I went n her room and she wasnt breathing right. I couldnt get her to respond are wake up. I checked her pupils to see if they were dilated.
She was burning up with fever. We Sat her up in bed and began to shake her and put a cold rag on her face. And I prayed over her.Took us a while, seemed like 30 mins to get her to respond. We were so scared. Im Still recovering from my Sister Bonnies heart attack.Thats enough of my life. Sorry I tend to go on and on.
Ok people I need to take a vacation. Somewhere where I can just relax,read a good book, And enjoy Gods Nature. That would be great. Im a little tired today I didnt get to bed til 4:30 a.m. Im off today. So thats good.Just going to hang out reading blogs.
Bloggers notice my side bar with the link. Go to it and look at the beautiful work by Greg Kiser. Water falls etc,
Blogging off for now JP

Friday, February 13


  • Hello to all you bloggers. And'' Happy Valentine's Day...'' Thought I post my blog tonight. Tomorrow is going to be busy. My Church has booked a nice Restaurant for us to go to and celebrate. This year we decided to gear the event for all the Adults in the Church,That way no one will stay home . We don't want anyone to feel left out.I'm assisting the Church Special Event Coordinator. Should be fun. We will have a nice background so couples could have their pictures taken. (I will be the one taken the pictures. )The menu sounds great. I'm having the Carne Asda, rice and beans with a green salad and dessert. I hope all who celebrate have a great time. And to those of you who are home and can't get out for whatever the reason may be. May YOU feel Gods arms around you as he gives you a great big hug...Cant wait to see your pics and read your blogs.
  • HAPPY VALENTINE' S DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Blogging off for now.JP


Monday, February 2


Hello, how is everyone doing?. Today it was very nice out. It was 62 and tomorrow its expected to be72 (here in calif.)Is it Winter or Summer? They say The Ground hog seen his shadow and that means six more weeks of Summer..Ahhhhh Winter. The confused ground hog was seen holding up the local Wal Mart demanding Sun screen. What is this world coming to.? The weather is even affecting the animals.
Blogging off for now JP