Saturday, February 28


.Just wanted to write and share my story. More like WARN the innocent.After Church I decided to go to my local Jack-in-the-box drive thru. I pulled up and was checking out the nicely lit up menu board,I seen Fish&Chips for $3.99(Not Bad). The picture shows three pieces of fish, some fries,and a drink. So I placed my order."can I get the Fish&Chip combo for $3.99?I asked" "What size drink would you like with that?" she asked "Just a regular, and make that a coke please."I answered," Would you like curly fries instead regular fries?"She asked ".Sure" I said. "O.k. Your total is $8.67 At the window please.I pulled forward.Thinking to myself How did it go from$3.99 to$8.67.Almost to embarrassed to mention it.I decided in these hard times.I'm going to ask.She began to break it down for me Talking like I was three. Oh the Coke doesn't come with the meal and the curly fries is 30 cents extra to change the fries.I told her boy they are going to get you one way are another aren't they.! Cancel the coke.(I said politly) She kind of rolled her eyes and yelled to the back of the room Cancel the drink he doesn't want it now.Thank God I wasn't buying a car. You would of thought I asked to back out of my contract.Do you still want your curly fries are should I change that too?You should change your attitude,there is about thirty people waiting in line that would love to have a job right now.(I thought that to myself).Now I know why Jacks in the hospital,He probably made a customer angry trying to charge extra for sour cream for two 99cent tacos. All this complaining has made me hungry.Well I'm off to McDonald's.Blogging off for now JP


  1. LOL, back in the day people that worked in customer service would at least turn their back on you before rolling their eyes. These days, people tend to be very open with their lack of patience, etc. Its pathetic. I am afraid to complain sometimes because you hear such horror stories what they do to your food. It just does not pay to eat out these days! So, I prefer to cook at home for the most part.

  2. there is little 'service' in the service oriented jobs anymore, sad to say. there was a time...when only politeness was offered to customers (you may be to young to remember that).
    i would've said that to her (You should change your attitude,there are about thirty people waiting in line that would love to have a job right now). as nothing wrong with speaking the truth!
    have a good wkend.

  3. I understand what you are talking about. lol It seems like everyone is trying to rip someone off anymore?? We buy propane and the company that we have delt with for years!! charged me $3.89 per gallon for propane. My husband called them back and asked how much propane was... they said $3.29 a gallon! Needless to say my husband got it for $3.09 a gallon because he called some other places. What is upsetting is we have been great customers for 10 years or more. lol Well, enough complaining for me and you made me hungry too but all I have is Girl Scout cookies and don't think I can eat another one until tomorrow. lol Have a great week. Blessings, Janie

  4. Yep, they should tell you thats going to be extra! She has probably been trained to do that kind of thing, ask you if you want the frills to up the bill. On most menus they have a small, medium and large price on each value meal pictured. Maybe they should think about doing the same! Don't go to McDonalds! Burger King is so much better!!! :) Kelly