Monday, November 26

Dont let age fool you

                           I'm telling you I get such a kick out of  hanging out with these Seniors(Not High school) The Sweet little old gray hair ladies(ya right) So the other day I'm at "The Estates" visiting, I stopped by to do some volunteer work.Sandra.age 89.She decided to get on her  Hover Around and go help out her Sister.So she went to.Viola age 93 to teach her how to use her breathing machine.Suddenly Sandra's door to her apartment flew  opened.There stood a little ol lade clinging to her walker.She said "THIS is my house" I said,  "I know they all look alike,I think you live down the hall".(Not wanting to offend her) She said "NO, this is my home" ....So I called her Sisters.She said I think I know who your talking about.Shes 105(No joke,105)But ask her to make sure its the right lady".Well I didn't want to offend her,Or worse get ran over with that walker.I said Mary. I need to match up your Apartment number by your age.She stood there a minute.Proudly said"I am 105. Sandra said Oh she live in C119, I convinced her I got the correct address for her and I walked along side her as she made her way down the long hall to her Apartment We got to her door and she unlocked it and said, "Here's my home,Thank you.I Dont have a caregiver on weekends anymore since my kids said they had to cut back on weekends due to finances."I smiled and said well here's your recliner waiting for you,Put your feet up awhile.She recognized it and sat down and took a deep breath.She was home again..........But for how long .So sad,I hated to leave her but nothing I could do.So I'm praying for Mary 105 that God would watch over her.

                                             Then today I came back to hear the elderly sing. There's about twenty of them.Yes there off key,shaky voices,But they sing for the Lord with their heart.The director Hazel talks with her eyes closed.(It helps her concentrate) it has  become a bad habit and makes the others nervous.She said Lets conclude with the song on page 103,Slowly the group mumbled to each other,What page?Hazel said 103.One gentleman flipped to page 3.Hazel  saw him and raised the mic closer to her mouth page 103(she yelled with her eyes closed) .One guy in the back wanted to help her out, He shouted out......Page 113.Hazel shook and raised her fist in the air.NO NO NO...... PAGE 1O3 Calming herself down, she whispered This is one of my favorites.Amazing Grace.
I had to laugh to myself.



  1. So funny, bless their hearts. You can learn so much if you take the time to visit with an elderly person. My daughter was in the all girl choir in high school and they went around singing at several nursing homes this time of year. She was saying last night how much she missed it. They always seemed so happy to see them. Have a great week, Sheila

  2. Cute entry and so nice of you to take the time with the elderly.

  3. Hi John, This is Wendy from 'Wendy's 3-D Cats'. You left a comment on my blog asking a few questions.

    As far as spicing up your blog, you may just want to create some kind of header and change your background to something less plain. I'm no expert by any means. I just used a picture I had saved for my header and then added the name of the blog on top of it.

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    Hope this helps!

    1. CCL WENDY,
      Thank you for all your help.Now lets see if I can do it.
      I'll be following you,Really enjoy your blog......

  4. I came back to answer your questions about my blog design, but Wendy gets hers from some of the same places I do. If you do a search for free blogger backgrounds you should find some other places to try. This is where I got my latest one... Have a great week, Sheila

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