Tuesday, August 25


...........AUGUST 25TH 1976...............................
Was the day Mark, you were Today you turn 33.Wow.I hope you had a great day with your wife and kids.I was thinking back when we were first met at Church,You were 19 and I was 29,I had been working in the firework stand doing a fundraiser.I heard that at Church there a young man who got up and testified at Church..I was thinking who is this Guy.We ended up becoming best friends,Room mates a couple of times.Some people come unto your life for a Season and others are meant to stay a life time.You are my lifetime friend for sure.You stood beside me when i lost my three sisters and parents,You are a true friend in every since of the word.Even though were 2000 miles a part we still stay in touch twice a week and every hoiliday.Thank you Mark for the gift of true friendship.Hope to fly out soon.Love you Bubs

Thursday, August 20


Hello everyone ,its been a few days since I wrote an entry.I have been working alot of hours.I've been doing 24 hour shifts for a client I assist.She had gotton sick ans spent eight daays in the hospital.Shes home now and requires 24 hour care for now.With Gods help she will be up and at it again in no time. We had a good laugh.She was tellin me the five balloons I took up to the hospital got away.Another caregiver was driving her home and rolled down the window.And all of them flew up up and away. She was laughing so hard she had tears.It was nice to hear her laugh.Sometimes she will do or say something that will remind me of My Mom. I miss my Mom so much my heart hurts.But I know she's looking down upon me and hapy that I continue to care for others that need it. Remember me writing about my great neice Shaylynn.Shes doing great.She never had to have the surgery.And her Mom.My neice Darlean was able to get a job.What a Blessing..I have the weekend off.Im looking forward to Church on friday and Sunday.Such an awesome place to be.I am Blessed with great friends. My side job is beginning to take off Doing photography.I got a booking in Oct for a huge family reunion and a wedding coming up.Well I hope everyone is doing wellI will get back here soon.Oh I am hooked on Farmtown on face book.I amfianally living out my dads dream,To live on ranch.even if it is a computer reality game.LOL

Thursday, August 13


Today is my sister Bonnies 46th birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE. Here are just a few pictures. Found this picture of our Mom&dad.Mom is 22 there.And the picture of you with your daughter Felicia on her wedding day.I like the picture of You wearing your green sweater, standing next to your son Larry. And then You and Mike.(thank God they found him alive and well.After his ordeal in the mountains. Also like the one of you and our sister Trisha shopping. Im greatful to God for all of our Family and how close we all are.And were not afraid to be goofy at times and laugh.Enjoy your dinner and movie with Scott.Next time you come down.Trisha , Dee and I will take you to lunch. Hope your day is great.Your the best. 46 46 46 46 46 ........LOVE YOUR BROTHER JOHN

Wednesday, August 5


Last weekend was my nephew Larrys Birthday.July 30th.So a bunch of my nephews and neices and freinds went up to Ice house to camp for the weekend and a celebrate Larrys birthday.Also Mike is engaged to be Married toEileen in May. So they were all hanging out.Mike and a couple of the guys decided to take their dirtbikes around 6p.m. Well on the way back.Mike made a left and the others made a right.And he ran out of gas.Within thirity seconds he was lost. They waited for him to come back.And hours went by.And they began to worry.So they all started looking in pitch black.Cold mountain air. Around Midnite They called the parents Eileen called hers and they were two hours a way and they were driving up to help search.She was scared at this point. Then they called my Sister Bonnie(the one that had the heart attack in Jan) And she headed up. Hours and hours going by,They called in a search and resue team.Camping next to them was a group Called Church of Hope.Mike&Larrys Sister Felicia went over and asked for prayers,They prayed with her. And By 1030 a.m. they found him;Alive and ok. A little shaken up.He heard bears all night.In fact right across the path a man had gotton mauled by a bear week earlier.And my sister waited till they found him to call me.Because of my Ulcer.Thank God he's ok and this weekend is his Engagement party wedding. Wow,you never know. Well take care and drop back by soon]

Saturday, August 1

''DAD'S YARD...'' ''THE BACK 40"

Do you ever wish you could go back in time, and do something different? I do I wished I would of appriciated ALL the hard work my Dad put into his Back Yard.He mowed!He watered!He kept it up! And we would sit out back and have coffee together.He'd say "Oh Son Just close your eyes and listen to the birds, Aint it peaceful here." He would mow the back.And all he asked of me wasthat Id mow the front and sides with the push mower.For a year I didnt know the little knob on top would make the mower go for you.(cityboy) He laughed so hard one day when he seen me pushing that dang mower.Made his way over and tapped the button and smiled.....God, I miss the sound of hearing the riding lawn mower. And the smell of fresh grass cut.Nuggett(our dog) would come running in shaking,She didnt dare go out near the Monstor.When Dad would finish Id bring him a cup of coffee.Nug jump in his lap. We would make our way over to the lawn chairs and sit and talk.The sprinkler would be running.Dad was so content.He'd say "There, Now it looks better".Now it takes Me, My Sister,and room mate Jerry , TO DO WHAT ONE MAN DID. Take care of the back "40". Sometimes I stand there and water the trees. I've been planting flowers in Moms flower bed. And added shrubs along the back fence. It brings such Peace to my heart.When Im out back I feel My dads presence.(well its more of memories) I guess you'd say.But I feel close to him,when Im doing yard work.What a great man.A man who loved God, his Family and Life.I am so greatful to have had him 30 years of my 42 years.He was more then a step dad to me. He was a man that chose Me, My Sisters and My Mom to make a life. Readers love your Parents and if your not spending time together,I urge you to do so.Dont ever have a I wish I would of........ Well thanks for letting me ramble on.Here are a few pictures of the "Back 40."We are still working on it. I have plans that I hope to be able to do over the summer. Until next time JOHN