Sunday, September 27

"It's Alive.It's Alive"

An elderly man walked into the mall carrying an old wrinkled bag.He made his way over to where people were standing in line to get there food.He sat the old wrinkled back on the floor.He let out a yell"It's a live,It's Alive"A few people looked his way and some made there way over to him.Again he yelled"It's Alive. It's Alive..Several more gathered around.After a few minutes there was a huge crowd gathered around this man and his old wrinkled bag on the ground.Suddenly he reached into the bag and slowly he began to pull the object out.Several people stepped back.Some even had their cells phones ready to capture a picture of the mysterious item in the bag.He reached in and pulled out the Holy Bible.He yelled Gods word is alive.This elderly man was right.We serve a living God .He's the same today.yesterday and forever more.B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instuctions Before Leaving Earth. God left behind our instructions.Thats how much he loves us.We can spend two hours watching a movie and anywhere from three to five hours blogging and searching the internet.Wont you just spend thirty minutes a day reading Gods word.?It's for your benefit.God Bless you all. We need more people like that little old man who didnt hestitate to show Gods Holy word is Alive.

Thursday, September 24

Soccer,Bar-B-Que .and Good times








Hello Bloggers?Face book friends.Just wanted to say I am feeling better.I started taken Nexum the purple pill.Thank God my co pay is only $39, And today is day four.Starting to really work.And Im over the flu. No relapes Thank the Lord . Thank you all for the prayers.Today at 530 p.m. The Church is getting together for a game of soccer and a huge bar- b- Q.I am going Ill take My camera and be the photographer. And I will posr some of the pictures here. Just being around those positive caring friends is good medicine in it self.I am greatful to all who wrote and sent prayers.Lets hope the next several entries will be all good positive ones Im sick of being sick..Ok just wanted to stop by and keep you all informed. I have this linked to my facebook page.So thats why I greeted you both.Hope thats ok with all.Still waiting on the final papers for the home loan.And still hoping medical will work something out with me on my parents bill.I would be willing to sign a contract stating if I sell the house,I would be sure to pay them back.I just want to live in my home.But If God moves me out it will be for his purpose and and Honoe and Glory and I have to hold my head up high and stop dwelling.So the ulcer stays down,,(the monstor)O.k thaanks for stopping by.Hope your all well. Hers some pictures.

Monday, September 21

Whats Really Going On?

Hello Bloggers. As I've been spending the last five days sick. Sometimes very sick.During those long nights when you cant find a spot to get comfortable.You find a spot to doze a while for fourty mintues.Fever and Chills cause your body to ache.Skin hurts from head to toe.At one point during the night It got so bad I texed five or six prayer warriors to pray for me.And there they were one by sending prayers and letting me know Im not alone.During this time,you lay in bed thinking.IDIOIT these are the times you really need a loving compassionate wife to sit thru the long nights with you.Now back to the title,I began to panic myself,laying there soaked in sweat." Do I have Swine Flu??" don t want to go to the hospital.I need to get out of bed and write my list of meds Im taking.Write down important numbers that My Sisters will need to call.By 4:30a:m after hearing a train for the third or fourth time.Then I start to reason with myself.Its either 1.My Ulcer,2.It's just a regular flu.Can't blame me,In the past few years(The Government)Is making us aware of. Anthrax,Avian flu,Mad cow disease,West Nile Virus and now Swine flu.Come on people whats really going on?You think about it,Whats the first thing we go out and do?We buy products vitamin D to fight colds,All kinds of remedies.Anyways just wanted to share with you how I was thinking in my delirious state of mind.I am getting better.I go for an upper G.I. On the 8Th of Oct. Hope all well with everyone.Write me and tell me your theory .Blogging off for now

Saturday, September 12


I want to share with you what I seen with my own eyes. I am 42 years old.Having lived the first 21 years knowing there was a God.But not Knowing Him personally.The last 21 years I've been getting to know God.And recently thru my many trials. Health and Most of My Family passsing on.I've learned to trust him with my whole heart.My Pastor has been leading the Church on a seven day fast.Each group fasts on a certain day of the week.And a group of 47 plus people are up at 5a.m. for one hour, seven days a week. And the Church is reading the word faithfully. Pastor is focussed on Unity,and on love and extending a helping hand to person in need.And people let me tell you,We need God now more than ever.(No work,Foreclosures,Divorces,Dependancy on prescription pills to numb the pain.Its so bad that their are elderly selling their medication to supliment their income.) But getting back to my title of this entry.God has honored our fasting,Praying,reading the word.And zero tolerance for gossip in the Church.One Sunday I stepped into the Church and the presence of God was so strong, I could hardly contain it.Some of you might say What is he talking about?He's crazy.NO, I know what I felt and I know what I seen. Pastor called an altar call."He said people dont wait for a minister to pray for you.You have the gift inside you to pray for one another.Brother with Brother,Sister with Sister," I began to hear people cry out to God.Some were elderly crying in desperation for their grand daughter who tried to end her life ,And I seen children praying with children.YES children..Tears rolling down there little faces as they began to pray to GOD.And God began to heal the hurt,the broken hearted.The little child whose Father is doing life in prison.Im writing this because someone in bloggerville needed to read this today.Your hurting,your scared,you dont know where the next meal is coming from for your children.Your a grand parent trying raise your childrens children .Your depressed from the loss of a loved one.GOD HEARS YOUR CRY.My blog is not here to be a preaching.I may never speak of it again.But this entry had to be written.Please leave a comment and let me know how we can pray for you.And the best part. It wont cost you a dime.Just a little faith. Or email me privatly
GOD BLESS YOU,And thank you for your time.BLOGGING OFF FOR NOW.

Tuesday, September 8

"Then and Now"

Wow,I came across this picture of me the other day.I was around 21 in this picture and now Im 42.Where have the years gone.Life seemed so much easier then.I look in the mirrow,I see a few gray hairs, a receding hair line. And and more pounds packed on.But thats ok.Ive met great friends along the way.Some that just passed for season and some that stayed a lifetime. I am truly Blessed. I love spending time with my family.And all my nephews and neices are very special to me and now have kids of there own. Should I have married at a younger age...............Probably.Now Im set in my ways. But you never know what God has planned for me.I believe in Family values and living a good life. All in all Im happy.Not much different from the kid in the picture below.But its getting late so I better take my blood pressure,colesterol and ulcer meds along with a shot of B 12 for good measure.And rub a litttle icy hot. Shoulder acting up.Must be rain in the air, Where did I put that ace bandage ?my wrist strarting to hurt from typing.Sorry got off track.Any complaints .no nada, Im content and hope to be a making memories another 24 plus years,Remember that your living a best selling novel and Gods the Author.Have a Blessed night to all my readers and keep making those memories........

Thursday, September 3


Hello Bloggers, I've been off for awhile. Im asking for prayers.The past 13 months have been a nightmare. I got to vent for minute please.I had my name on the house for five years, then .I took it off in 2006 so my Dad could do a reverse morgage.Then when he passed away. I didnt have the chance to get my name back on the house.(The house that my Mom built with her hands in 1974. )So when Dad passsed I had to get an attorney.$5,0000 And then all the paper work.Had to put the house and belongings thru probate.It came back Medical said $0 I was so greatful.Got a loan to pay back reverse.Even took a picture of me in front of the house celebrating the Victory...And all of a sudden Medical shows up saying now they found a bill. I have to pay $68,000 for my parents medical bills.How in the world can I pay the reverse,the lawyer and now medical bills.When my dad had Secure Horizon,that should of covered his medical expensives, Please Pray that something good comes thru this.I need God to really help me out, I cant lose my :Home: I will keep you all posted.So if you know anything that will help me,Please let me know.
Blogging off for now