Tuesday, September 8

"Then and Now"

Wow,I came across this picture of me the other day.I was around 21 in this picture and now Im 42.Where have the years gone.Life seemed so much easier then.I look in the mirrow,I see a few gray hairs, a receding hair line. And and more pounds packed on.But thats ok.Ive met great friends along the way.Some that just passed for season and some that stayed a lifetime. I am truly Blessed. I love spending time with my family.And all my nephews and neices are very special to me and now have kids of there own. Should I have married at a younger age...............Probably.Now Im set in my ways. But you never know what God has planned for me.I believe in Family values and living a good life. All in all Im happy.Not much different from the kid in the picture below.But its getting late so I better take my blood pressure,colesterol and ulcer meds along with a shot of B 12 for good measure.And rub a litttle icy hot. Shoulder acting up.Must be rain in the air, Where did I put that ace bandage ?my wrist strarting to hurt from typing.Sorry got off track.Any complaints .no nada, Im content and hope to be a making memories another 24 plus years,Remember that your living a best selling novel and Gods the Author.Have a Blessed night to all my readers and keep making those memories........


  1. Hi John. I concur with your assessment. Even though you are "set in your ways" God can change things up where there is a willing heart. Alot of us feel "set in our ways" even if we are married, lol. Like most, I have it all planned out but then God does something to change it up and directs my steps. The verse is so true, "Men plan their paths, but God orders his footsteps." This has come to mind a lot lately and I know it is not without reason. I am just going to continue to have faith that God is out for my best interest, and I know He is in your corner too. Be blessed, John...and from what I read you are!

  2. You never know what God has in store John, it is not too late at your age, you are still a youngster compared to me. I love your postings.

    I have put a very unusual video on my blog today, I do hope that you go and view it, it took a great deal of work to get it on there and I think you would enjoy it. Take care my friend and may life always be good to you.

  3. gray make YOU look distinguished....make US look old....lol....
    I however at the age of 44 have no gray hair...lol


  4. Having birthday today, reading this was surely of interest. There are many days when I feel like 20something, as well as others having the impression of being way over 100.
    So assume that it must be somewhere in between. Continue to enjoy each day, mostly the upcoming weekend. All the best to you.