Thursday, April 10

Are you there God?Its me John

Im sitting here in my recliner Ice pack on the back of my neck,Stress triggers muscle flare up,I need to go back a few days to update you all,My last entry I vented about my truck and the estamate of $700 I took it to several shops and they gave me the list of problems and the cost,My front left tire was literally swaying out from the bottom So I put it in the shop.I had to pay $890 he said it was very dangerous.I was praying the whole time God I need your help .Then I was told I needed a tire and brakes that was another $123 I was beginning to stress My night job had just ended and I was trying to save for Aprils rent &Utilities I am still working 20 to 30 hours a week "Thank God" When I got my truck back there was still a noise coming from the engiene,The shop failed to check or tell me that my brake booster and master cylendar went out,Had to drive it that way a week til payday I called a friend of our families and had it fixed in an hour $150parts and $60 for labour,I ran out of money and my signals still needed fixing,So I prayed and researched According to you tube it was a main fuse So with the $20 I had left for groceries I bought the fuse popped it in and sure enough signals are working,Then my Sis called and said make a grocery list I want to get you some food for the week,What a Blessing !!Are you there God?its me John.......My answer is YES HE IS....When your back is to the wall and you feel like you cant go on, God steps in gives you strength ,Peace and Joy.Felt like sharing this If someone reading this feels like throwing in the towel trust me If you just stay connected to the source He will provide

1Peter5:7 Cast all your cares upon God, for he takes care of you