Saturday, September 24


I had the day off and decided to go to the store to get a few things.One of the items on my list was Air freshner.(I know not exciting enough to blog about)But wait..... So Im looking down the aisle and I see Glade Air freshner had a machine, that you can hang on your wall and set a timer and it releases a mist of scented"Hawaiian Breeze". I like that Ideal.So I bought two of them. I have my little dog living in the house.And want to keep the house smelling fresh.So got home put groceries away.By the way The Air freshener kit $20 plus $6.00 for refill cans.Total $48.00. Nugg(My Dog jumped up on the couch to check out the new Toys) I put the batteries in.(Batteries included)And added the can of spray. It has an Option button that allows you to set it when to re leash the Scented spray 18, 30,45, So I set the first one and set it near the Couch.Maybe the swooosh sound will scare Nug to stay off the Couch.She appeared Clueless to why I placed it there.Or bored.We headed to the bedroom , Nugg jumped on my bed and curled up for a nap.She kept one eye on me.I found the perfect spot.Timer set for 18.Since Nugg hangs out in MY room the most.Holding the Container up. I looked back at Nugg."Whatcha think Nugg.?"Getting my dogs opinion about a household item.OK OK, Home alone to much. Unless were talking beef jerky,She could care less.I said "Be that way" Turning back to place the container.The Timer went off,And the spray got me in my eyes and mouth.Well the timer works and the swooosh scared Nugg out of the room.And I felt dumb.The warning label should reaD caution before using......If My Dog Could Blog.

Monday, September 5

Theres Humor thru the Sadness

Well I got to tell you,I love my job.You never know what to expect.I am a caregiver for a 91 year old Dementia patient.Shes a very kind,loving,person. So every morning I have to give her, her meds.She takes 11 in the morning.(Mostly vitamins.)She was having me name each pill..She hates pills.So I explained each one to her.After taking them all.She looked up me and smiled.Well At least I don't have to take birth control pills anymore.I laughed so hard.Got to love my job.
The thing with Dementia patients is they all want to go home,Need to pack,Ready to go.They don't recognize their own homes.That's the sad part.You cant correct them.So you have to find ways to re-direct their minds.Other wise your packing China, and boxing up shoes.So I use my cell phone to call the house and I answer the house phone.say thanks for calling.Hang up and tell her, her house was just painted and the paints not dry yet.That usually works for a couple hours.But every day its a different situation and you have to be mentally prepared to come up with something.At the same time show respect and dignity.I do love my job and I pray for her.She can tell you in detail, trips she took as a young girl with her Mother on the Amtrack to Utah that would take four days.Then the next minute she asks are we in the way here at their house.(In her own home)
Anyone reading this.Be kind to others,you never know who might end up as your caregiver.