Monday, November 26

Dont let age fool you

                           I'm telling you I get such a kick out of  hanging out with these Seniors(Not High school) The Sweet little old gray hair ladies(ya right) So the other day I'm at "The Estates" visiting, I stopped by to do some volunteer work.Sandra.age 89.She decided to get on her  Hover Around and go help out her Sister.So she went to.Viola age 93 to teach her how to use her breathing machine.Suddenly Sandra's door to her apartment flew  opened.There stood a little ol lade clinging to her walker.She said "THIS is my house" I said,  "I know they all look alike,I think you live down the hall".(Not wanting to offend her) She said "NO, this is my home" ....So I called her Sisters.She said I think I know who your talking about.Shes 105(No joke,105)But ask her to make sure its the right lady".Well I didn't want to offend her,Or worse get ran over with that walker.I said Mary. I need to match up your Apartment number by your age.She stood there a minute.Proudly said"I am 105. Sandra said Oh she live in C119, I convinced her I got the correct address for her and I walked along side her as she made her way down the long hall to her Apartment We got to her door and she unlocked it and said, "Here's my home,Thank you.I Dont have a caregiver on weekends anymore since my kids said they had to cut back on weekends due to finances."I smiled and said well here's your recliner waiting for you,Put your feet up awhile.She recognized it and sat down and took a deep breath.She was home again..........But for how long .So sad,I hated to leave her but nothing I could do.So I'm praying for Mary 105 that God would watch over her.

                                             Then today I came back to hear the elderly sing. There's about twenty of them.Yes there off key,shaky voices,But they sing for the Lord with their heart.The director Hazel talks with her eyes closed.(It helps her concentrate) it has  become a bad habit and makes the others nervous.She said Lets conclude with the song on page 103,Slowly the group mumbled to each other,What page?Hazel said 103.One gentleman flipped to page 3.Hazel  saw him and raised the mic closer to her mouth page 103(she yelled with her eyes closed) .One guy in the back wanted to help her out, He shouted out......Page 113.Hazel shook and raised her fist in the air.NO NO NO...... PAGE 1O3 Calming herself down, she whispered This is one of my favorites.Amazing Grace.
I had to laugh to myself.


Friday, November 16


                     My day started out like any other ordinary day, Had a few errands to run,Got most of my stuff done by 4 pm .Feeling like I decided to reward myself to a hot vanilla latte and then head home to nap. Just one  more stop then  I was home free.I dropped the movie off  in the slot at Blockbuster and headed to Cruisers(Chevron) by my house to run in and grab my drink.When I went to pay for it.I realized I didn't have my wallet on me."It must be in the truck"I thought to myself.I had $3 bucks in my jacket pocket, paid for my coffee and left.Got into the truck, didn't see it my wallet laying in the seat.So I looked under the truck to make sure it didn't fall out .Nope.No wallet So I headed home,Unlocked the front door and walked in. Nugg (my dog) was waiting by the door to to greet me, she wanted to go for walk."Hold on Nugg",I said sounding  a little frustrated.She gave me a look, Like now what did you do?  I called blockbuster".No... no wallet here,"the clerk said.
                         " I must of left it in my other pants when I changed this morning.I said to Nugg" Drank my coffee and decided to take my nap.I had Church at 7:pm  After Church I decided to go back home and check. After a while you start to look in the strangest places.The freezer,The dryer,Under the lamp. Under Nugg (No joke) By 11:pm I was in panic mode.Thinking of all the cards & information in my wallet, Who carry's there Social security card in their wallet? Oh,wait (I do)
                         I' finally gave up and decided, tomorrow I'll search again.I had a good feeling it was in my house,just misplaced.So the next morning again  I began to search this time looking in shoes,under dresser and even taken the bed apart. Nugg wanted no part in this,She ran to the living room and jumped up in my recliner.Curled up in ball and stayed out of my way.
                          After what seemed like forever looking.I decided to call my bank,Sure enough someone found my wallet and used my card.It has 3 purchases on it $95:54 $18:75, $18:60, I explained to the Bank Rep my wallet was missing.She asked me"So you haven't purchased items from  in the last two days.?'NO..."Please freeze cards.And close my accounts."Then I called Amazon.Sure enough an account was created in my name and items were purchased.And the person who found my wallet...Wait for it......stolen items shipped to their own address...REALLY!!!!!
                              To make along story short.I went to Police dept. filed a report.My Bank said it will take ten days to return the money.But the sheriff told me anything that's under  $1,000 they usually don't go after the people. She explained that they  see this sort of thing everyday.                 LESSON LEARNED  1. I will always carry my wallet in back pocket at all times.                                                                                            2. Never carry my Social Security Card in wallet  3 Dont blame the dog.
                                               Thanks for letting me vent.
                                                WALLET IN CALI.....

Sunday, November 11

God heal the hurt...............

                You know life has a funny way of turning on you in a blink of an eye.I went from having My parents around Everyone laughing and carrying on..And three Sisters who were my world.To losing them all in ten years,Gone are the fun filled holidays,With the kids running up and down the hallway,Watching them hyped up on sugar,Sometimes the house was so crowed we sat on the floor.Dad always had a pot a coffee on.And life was hectic& fast,,but good,Sometimes all we  had was a pot of beans and corn bread that  Mom would make for everyone.

                                   Now its just me and my little dog Nuggett .A different house.No noise,No family gatherings and No food on the stove.(In fact I've lived here three years in Feb)And I've haven't used the stove yet.(Now its fast  food or the microwave.)I still make a pot of coffee.But I only drink half a cup,the rest get poured down the sink..Your probably reading this and thinking this is down right depressing.But In fact Its not.I don't allow that in my life....I've learned to my make my  new  house a home.Decorate during the holidays.I spend time with friends from Church and I still have Family. Oh and Nuggett,who makes me laugh,The slightest hint that I'm going somewhere and she does circles as if she won the lottery,Runs and waits by the front door.

                               But Id give anything to have my family back,There's hope in knowing that someday we will reunite and walk on streets of gold in Heaven The awful thing is I keep having nightmares that I lose them all over again.Several times a week I dream of them,Then I wake up and have to shake it off.Pray for strength and go about my day.I know God has a plan for me.He wants us to be filled with joy and happiness.And I am......I try to laugh daily or make someones day a little happier.I am Blessed beyond words with a best friend that is here for me and makes me laugh so hard at times I cant control it.
                            I know a lot of you have had it tough and lost a lot as well,But we must move forward and never give up. I've learned to trust in God and he will never leave us nor forsake us.I am living proof,Some people might say Oh GOD is just your crutch,a way of getting through  a tragedy.If that's what it takes.Then so be it.Nov. 13th would of been Dads 78th birthday.I will honor it by writing a message to him on a balloon then releasing it and watch the wind carry it off into the deep blue sky.And I'll imagine and Angel will grab the balloon and hand deliver my message to my Dad.And then go about my day.Maybe even take Nug for a walk in the park.(he was her dog first (Mouse)..Ok I think I'm done for now,Not sure why I opened up so much,But feels good to share.Until next time my blogger buddies.
God Bless and Keep on keeping on