Sunday, July 28

DontJudge a book by its Cover

Thought Id write about how people today are so quick to judge or assume.My best friend is 6'2" and 260lbs.But the fact that hes covered in tattoos.People assume hes a wild guy looking for the next fight.Well the truth is hes got a heart of gold.Loves his family.Doesnt party and loves God.He started getting tattoos at a young age.He did go through a rebellious period.Does he regret it.YES! I cant say enough about how good of a friend he is to me.And he does so much with his children,No matter how many hours he puts in at work. (By the way which happens to be working with the elderly who all love him to get a good laugh out of him )Here he is playing with my little Chihuahua.
And thats me hanging out with his Pit. Who just so happens to be a more gentle dog then my little chihuahua

Sunday, July 21

Pennies from Heaven

I got the title of todays entry from a movie (I think) But for me Pennies from Heaven is a Blessing. In the pass week I've dreamp of Mom &Dad at least three times.Mom passed in 2006 and Dad 2008.

 One day Mom and I were walking and we came upon a penny.She bent down clinched it in her fist and smiled.My girls just saying hi.I smiled, and we walked on.(Mom had lost three daughters in seven years.) Such a deep horrable pain, Not only for me to lose my sisters but to see Mom in pain, All I could do was pray God help us,

          The other day Im walking across the parking lot to work.Something shiney grabs my attention.Yup you guessed it, this shiney penny.(Barb from My Johnny  talks about Shiney moments )  I too stopped and picked up the penny and clinched in my fist, held it to my heart."Hi Mom"
         No Mom didn't come back as a penny: But at times thoses Hello Son  moments sure helps me get through the rough times.

Tuesday, July 9

Think back Tuesday......Stop Thief


Thinking back several stories comes to my mind. Thought Id share this one.I 
must of been around 12 when my Sister picked me up to go across town with 
her.She had three small children and heard that a Woman was giving away 
clothes for kids.So we pull up at the house and the garage door was open  we 
decided to check it out.So I walked over to the back door"Look Bonnie they have 
a door bell in  there garage"How dum of me lol As I pushed the button she 
yelled Noooooooooo.Well the garage door closed and we froze
on the spot.Needless to say the back door to the house flys open and out runs a 
hispanic family. Not only did we interupted their dinner,They stared at two 
strangers with kids standing in their garage.My Sister was speechless.I spoke up
"Is this the house that  was giving a way clothes for kids.?
Not only were we at the wrong house,they couldnt speak English.They opened
the garage door and let us,I noticed they had a huge painting of the last Supper 
hanging up.I tried to make ackward small talk.Very nice painting.My Sister
whispers "Brother shhhh lets just go.

Sunday, July 7

Church Firework Booth

Well we survived the 106 week long heat wave.Several of us. Volunteered in the firework stand
We raised money to help send Bibles to Africa and for our "Love Riverbank" project. I am trying to write this post from my phone to my blog so let's see how this one turns out.
thank you for reading and commenting on my blog

Tuesday, July 2

Think back Tuesday Yard Sale Lady

             I was sitting here thinking of how many people I've cared for over the last 25 years.Many different types.Rich,Poor, Kind and some very rude.Some were very ill.Many times it was my hand they were holding as they took there last breath.Thought I would share some of my memories on this "THINK BACK TUESDAY
 In 1993 I was on call for an agency, they sent me to the home of an elderly woman.
She livedalone, in a small house in a rough part of town.
( I always pray before going into a home.) Mary was about 4 feet tall.They told me she was  semi Senile and needed some assistance.She met me at the door with a smile
."A male care giver"She said.
I replied"Are you ok with that"?
 Her response was "Even better,as long as you like yard sales,We got to hit them bargin sales soon"
I thought to myself.Agency didnt mention driving around.So I came in sat down we began to talk.About 30 mins into our conversation she gets up grabs her purse.I jump up head for the door.Look back and shes going through her own stuff.She hands me a quarter for a candy dish.Goes over to her couch starts examing the pillows and  puts them back.Comes over to me and whispers
"Those are the ugliest pillows I've ever seen,I would not have those in my home"
saddened to see that she did in fact have short memory span..But I decided to make it a great yard sale experience for her and jumped right and looked around and pretend shopping.Sometimes its better to play along with them.If you try and correct them it can only add more confusion to them.