Tuesday, July 2

Think back Tuesday Yard Sale Lady

             I was sitting here thinking of how many people I've cared for over the last 25 years.Many different types.Rich,Poor, Kind and some very rude.Some were very ill.Many times it was my hand they were holding as they took there last breath.Thought I would share some of my memories on this "THINK BACK TUESDAY
 In 1993 I was on call for an agency, they sent me to the home of an elderly woman.
She livedalone, in a small house in a rough part of town.
( I always pray before going into a home.) Mary was about 4 feet tall.They told me she was  semi Senile and needed some assistance.She met me at the door with a smile
."A male care giver"She said.
I replied"Are you ok with that"?
 Her response was "Even better,as long as you like yard sales,We got to hit them bargin sales soon"
I thought to myself.Agency didnt mention driving around.So I came in sat down we began to talk.About 30 mins into our conversation she gets up grabs her purse.I jump up head for the door.Look back and shes going through her own stuff.She hands me a quarter for a candy dish.Goes over to her couch starts examing the pillows and  puts them back.Comes over to me and whispers
"Those are the ugliest pillows I've ever seen,I would not have those in my home"
saddened to see that she did in fact have short memory span..But I decided to make it a great yard sale experience for her and jumped right and looked around and pretend shopping.Sometimes its better to play along with them.If you try and correct them it can only add more confusion to them.


  1. I think you were very kind to play her game with her instead of trying to convince her she wasn't at a yard sale.

  2. You have a very kind and caring heart, John. Even while sharing this with us you don't criticize or speak unkindly of her.

  3. Thankyou Barb,I hope I never come across as unkind to the elderly or to anyone.As a Christian we must try our best to show love.I hope to put a smile on bloggers faces and to share my experiences