Wednesday, January 13

They Say I get to keep my home

Hello Bloggers,
Just wanted to post. Ive been fighting for my house over 13 months. So many times I wanted to walk away. But Ive held on and asked for prayers. II received that letter stating that I was being sued as an unlawful detainee in my own home. Well on Monday Jan 11Th. My loan agent had two letters writing for me. One from him and one from HUD. They said the house will be mine. I am buying it. My loan went Thur and HUD is working with me to buy it. I do have to move EVERYTHING out,Get and appraisal and then they'll let me move back in. I only have to pay what the home is worth now.And the Agent wrote should take a couple a weeks to get this done.Thank You Jesus, And to all who have been praying for me.Oh what a long difficult process this has been. I rented a storage bin and will move everything out into the portable storage that's parked in my drive way and I can stay in my Motor home till its all finalized.So please keep praying.And I'll update you all afterwards.May God Bless each and everyone of you