Sunday, November 30

Call an Elderly friend today
As most of you know I work with the elderly.Almost 30 years now.Yesterday I was at work and I was reading the in house newsletter
"Chatter Box" and I came across a name I regonized, Littlejohn.The lady I worked for was florence and her husband was Lawerence,this was back in 1995.Curiosity got the best of me so I went down the hall and knocked on her door,"Who is it?"a woman asked(not opening the door)"Hi Im John,By chance do you know Lawernce Florence Littlejohn?
Her voice was a little weak"Im Florence!!!"
"Florence its me John,I took care of your husband years ago" I heard the door and  unlock and there stood Florence Littlejohn,She looked the same,just a little older she stood 4 feet tall,"Oh my my come in,I remember you,Your the only one my Lawerence liked and didnt fire,You stayed three days so I could attend my neices wedding and that was back in 1995"Wow, her memory of me was sharp,It made me deel good about myself.We talked awhile catching.up kn life.Lawerence passed away in 1996 Florence decided to sell her Mobile and move here to "The Estates.I got up to leave she smiled at me and said"Honey come visit me anytime,It was so nice to see You again Shawn"I smiled and said "Its John"She said "The lawn,yes its beautiful this time of the year" 
"Yes it is" and I closed the door behind me

Sunday, November 23

Update on Me!!!!!

Thanks everyone for the kind words and the

Saturday, November 22


This is a story about defying the odds,overcoming obstacles and not holding back,This is Linda and Greg they met at "The Estates,Greg was on a kidney donor list over five years,He became very sick while waiting for a kidney.He finally received his new kidney, there were many complications and he got worse,While recovering on bed rest someone stole his
 truck.(The police never found it) during all this he became good friends with Linda(another resident),she too has health problems,despite the odds against them they fell in love and got married.The Estates gave them a weddingreception. Cake,decorations,a pianiast the works!!!Greg and Linda were very happy as were the Residents.The line to welcome the Bride&Groom consisted of hover rounds,walkers and wheelchairs.Smiles on every face.For an hour everyone was able to forget there aches, pains and heartaches.Greg is doing great health wise and Linda couldnt be happier. What a Blessed Event!!!!

Wednesday, November 19


Sitting here at home recovering from major dental work, Last Thursday I went to my dentist and she said my top teeth could not be saved.They had to come out.16 teeth total.I sat in in that chair praying like never before.She kept me awake during the procedure.12 shots and 2 1/2 hours later I sat there grateful that it was over, Well at least that part of it.I came home in pain, swollen and couldnt talk, Nuggett kept staring at me like "Now what? Why wont you greet me?"I tried to tell her, but sounded out of it and she shook like a 3.0 so I crawled in bed and babied her as I tried to rest.I started thinking about how women go thru alot to give birth, They are brave.God knew what he was doing when he created women to give birth, 
Now its been a week and Ive been resting, Eating only soup&oatmeal. Tomorrow I go for impressions and hopefully in two weeks I will have my top dentures, Its been 15 years since I showed any pearly whites.I have to google how to hope you all have a good day and don't forget to brush your teeth! !!!

Saturday, November 8


My great neice Grace was assigned to send send "Flat Stanley 'to a relative in another State,Someone who was reliable to follow thru with the homework assignment a responsable relative.Naturally my Neice thought of me,after all I am the responsable one in our family.....right!!!!!WRONG.
Flat Stanley is a little cutout paperboy representing Literacy in America.(google him) after he arrived at my house from Oklahoma all I had to do was take a few pictures with "flat Stanley" and write about my home town,Simple Right!!!!Wrong.My Neice did agreat job coloring him his hair and eyes were the same as mine.On the back her name written in marker by her Teacher(great forgery)and then her Teacher lamenated him.

 I decided I better get the assignment done and mail him
 back..So she could get a good grade.Couldnt find the letter with instructions or "Flat Stanley" anywhere.My one and only day off from work I searched three hours at my house thru my paperwork.Loser Uncle,I cant fail my great neice now.I went to the Library looked up "Flat Stanley",after 45 mins of researching I found him printed two copies,(just incase),I then typed up a letter welcoming paper boy and included a little history of my town,then went to the dollar store bought a box of crayons sat out in my truck(imagine a grown Man sitting  in the parking lot coloring a cut out doll) I tried my best to remember how Grace colored her Stanley, I then drove around found a Mailbox center got him laminated and mailed.
Lesson learned Pay attention to where you put your mail,Who am I kidding lesson learned Just say NO 

Tuesday, November 4


This morning at work I was assisting a client with Physical therapy,We were walking down the hall. Night shift manager Betty was walking a small dog (reminds me of Toto from The Wizard of Oz) his name is Biscuit, happy to be out and walking. Betty was telling us that Biscuits Daddy Wendell is in the hospital he fell at home, He should be back home in a few days. and she wanted to make sure the dog was walked.Betty has a master key to every apartment, she is in charge at night to answer all emergency calls, close blinds lock the lobby doors Ect. She has lived at "The Estates about nine years and loves her job. She was talking up a storm as she unlocked the door and took Biscuit inside. Frances(my client) and I continued our P/T a few seconds later Betty returned with the dog, She said"Opps wrong apartment Im suppose to be on the second floor,"  She was a little embarrassed. I replied with" Well they do all look like" We all laughed.Frances and I headed back to her apartment to work on a 1000 piece puzzel.I try to do things that keeps the mind clients active.We had a good day it was time for me to go home as I was walking through the lobby, At one of the tables in the dining area there sat a little lady, her grey hair sticking out from under her straw hat. She looked a little distrauct and a crowd of elderly women were gathered around her.As I got closer I could her shakey voice. "Doctor Chalk told me there might be side affects with my new medication, But seeing a lady with a small dog standing right there in my livingroon is just to much for me It was so real, I put a call in to Doctor Chalk hopefully he will call me back soon. "I didnt want her to think she was hallucinating so I walked up to the ladies and said "Night shift Betty felt badly about walking into your apartment earlier today with Wendells little dog. To which the lady quickly replied "Thank you Jesus Im not seeing things,"