Saturday, November 8


My great neice Grace was assigned to send send "Flat Stanley 'to a relative in another State,Someone who was reliable to follow thru with the homework assignment a responsable relative.Naturally my Neice thought of me,after all I am the responsable one in our family.....right!!!!!WRONG.
Flat Stanley is a little cutout paperboy representing Literacy in America.(google him) after he arrived at my house from Oklahoma all I had to do was take a few pictures with "flat Stanley" and write about my home town,Simple Right!!!!Wrong.My Neice did agreat job coloring him his hair and eyes were the same as mine.On the back her name written in marker by her Teacher(great forgery)and then her Teacher lamenated him.

 I decided I better get the assignment done and mail him
 back..So she could get a good grade.Couldnt find the letter with instructions or "Flat Stanley" anywhere.My one and only day off from work I searched three hours at my house thru my paperwork.Loser Uncle,I cant fail my great neice now.I went to the Library looked up "Flat Stanley",after 45 mins of researching I found him printed two copies,(just incase),I then typed up a letter welcoming paper boy and included a little history of my town,then went to the dollar store bought a box of crayons sat out in my truck(imagine a grown Man sitting  in the parking lot coloring a cut out doll) I tried my best to remember how Grace colored her Stanley, I then drove around found a Mailbox center got him laminated and mailed.
Lesson learned Pay attention to where you put your mail,Who am I kidding lesson learned Just say NO 

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  1. Well you did good John. My John would never have succeeded. It would have been a sight to see though a grown man sitting in his truck coloring a paper guy.