Monday, May 18


Tonight is a sad night.I got the call from Mark.(Those of you who have been reading my blog know Mark is my best friend ,He lives in Missouri And you know Grandpa's been sick.)Tonight he called to tell me Grandpa passed away. I don't know all the details yet. But i do know my friend is hurting.And I'm here in California and hes 2000 miles away and all I can do is pray and ask God to comfort him.You see Grandpa Ted and Mark are very close.Grandpa would stop by every day and visit with the little ones. In an Earlier blog I posted pictures at Easter time on my blog.The whole family went to the Rehabilitation center to Spend Easter with"Pops".I was in Missouri three years ago for Easter. I can remember standing in the kitchen while Pops talked to me. He loved all his Grandchildren.But Mark is special.They have a unique Relationship ,Between the two of them the word Generation Gap didnt exsist.

I laugh just thinking about Pops driving all over town with that old broken down was machine that he was going to get to fixing some day.And how it would slide back and forth as Pops drove over a curve here and there.In that old truck. Mark Would follow behind to see that Pops made it home safe from having his breakfast at Pickle Jeans.Before Mark and I hung up the phone.His voice was deeply saddened and he said Now i know how you felt with all your losses. Bloggers please prayer for Mark and his Mother Kathy,and his Sister Brandy.That they hold onto each other and find comfort in one another.
Good night Grandpa Ted, The old broken washing Machine is now fixed!!!!

Tuesday, May 12

"Angel in the Room"

I was told a story about a lady in the hospital who was near death when an area Chaplain came to visit her. This Chaplain was a very young female with long blond hair. She listened to the lady who was ill and left her a small gift for comfort It was a tiny ceramic frog. The next day one of the people from the lady's church came to visit.. The lady told her friend about the beautiful young Chaplain who had come to visit her. The friend was so impressed with the way the lady had improved and felt the need to talk to the young Chaplain. In her search to find the young gal, she was repeatedly assured that the chaplains are never very young and that there was never a gal that fit the description given. Upon returning to the lady in the hospital, a visiting nurse entered the room and noticed the ceramic frog. The nurse made the comment 'I see you have a guardian angel with you,' as she held the little frog. We asked why she made the comment and we were informed that the frog stood for: Forever Rely On God

Saturday, May 9


Dear Mom. Today is Mother's Day. Looking back, I use to run out and get you that funny card that brought you to tears,a balloon, and some little gifts.(frogs)..Thats why my blogs background is in frogs for you. A blog is another way of saying journal or diary..Crazy Huh. I think about you everyday.And I still cant believe its been almost four years July 10since you went to be with the Lord. . You were in the rehab after your gallbladder surgery and you insisted I fly to Missouri to Be Marks best man. I was afraid to leave you. Remember I went back in the room three times to say by and I love you and will show you Marks wedding pics when I got back.You said go Son .If anything happens to me,You'll know where I'll be. Only I didn't stay I got the call at 8 a.m. next morning saying you Had Passed.I wanted to die right then & there.But Mark sat right beside me and he held me.Kept me from losing it.Just like you knew he would.You adopted him right away. 11 years ago. I remember your lighting face up when I would bring you and Dad a chimichanga buritto home for lunch. And now Dad is there with you June 20Th 09.With out God Mom I would not have gotten Thur this.So much has happened. Oh and thanks for leaving me your ulcer.A painting or a lamp would of been great.LOL . Just kidding. well Mom today I will release a balloon with a special note. I'm going to go to Church and watch the People celebrate with their Moms.(You taught me not to be selfish .So I wont stay home and mope.).But I will carry you in my heart a little heavier this Day.I Love you and Thank you for being YOU.
love Always your son Johnathon
P..S. Does God let you clutter Heaven with Nick-knacks...

Sunday, May 3


"E R I C "
"S E I P"

Just wanted to write about something that touched my heart today.You know We hear so much bad in the world.That the good seem to get lost amongst the confusin of this society.Today My nephew Eric Doran.(Hes the lead singer for a heavy metal rock band (S.E.I.P.) had two important events to go to.The first was for his Uncle Johnny(on his Dads side)They gave him two months to live. So They honored Uncle Johnnys wishes by throwing him a huge bar-b-que. Eric and his wife April stayed awhile and then headed to to the local pub Fat Cats........To help raise money for Sandra Cantu's Mom.....
Eric's band Seip and ten other bands got together and put on a concert. All proceeds went to Sandra's Mother. Sandra's dissapearance made world wide news. We all have the image of this little girl skipping off to play. And what happened to her is undescribable. I just wanted to say Im proud of my nephew for taking time out to do a worthy cause.Seip is a local rock band from Modesto Calif. Im not sure if Sandras Mother was there.But Our hearts and prayers go out to her and her family As God begins to do the healing.