Sunday, May 12

Mothers Day,Best Friends and Chocolate Pie

Sitting here staring at a blank screen.I couldn't decide how to start my entry.
So I started with my title and went from there.Got off at 8 am this morning after volunteering an overnight shift at "The Estates" I had planned on going home and crawling in bed and sleeping awhile.Not knowing If I was going to make the 1 p.m.Service at my Church.After all todays theme is "Mothers Day" And mine passed away July 10th 2006.I sound bitter you say.So sue me....I miss Mom okay!She was a great Mom.Sacaficed everything she had to make sure we were taking care of.And every day She would say Son..I Love you.I remember talking with My Pastor,who happens to be a close friend of mine. One day about it.I said "My Mom tells me everyday She loves me." He said "appreciate those words cause one day she will be gone."And sure enough God called her home.Bloggers who are reading this,be sure to let your Family say I LOVE YOU..And when you say it to someone .Really let it come from the heart.

                            I got home about 8:20 a.m my best friend Mark called.(Ironically I was with him the night my Mom passed.I had flown to Missouri to be his best man,my Mom insisted I go and spend some time with him.I hadn't seen him in about three years.)Around 9 a.m He and his two kids showed up.We went and bought some flowers.Moms favorite.Bird of Paradise. and a balloon to release I do that every year in Memory of My Parents are of my three Sisters that have passed away..It seems to help. Mark use to call Mom Lilly Bird.....He was her Second Son. He and I are longtime best friends.More like Brothers.
He took the time to help me get through this day.Which was a Blessing.I have Caring Friends, my faith in God and So much to be grateful for. What made it even more Special was his two Children coming along.
 I let them release the balloon.It helps me a lot.Symbolically  Its a way of letting go heavey emotions.After we visted the grave site and placed a Single flower on my other two Sisters head stones.We decided to take the kids to the park and play awhile.He and I talked and laughed.I mean a deep uncontrolable laugh.The kind of of laughter that you cant stop.We all were getting hungry by then. So on the way to my house, We stopped at La Perla Tapatia a great Mexican place to have lunch.Afterwards they dropped me back off at home and the three of them went to visit Mommy at her job.I got ready for Church.Had a great time. I was asked to Assist on the plat form in honoring our Pastors Wife with a huge bouquet of Roses, That made me feel good. Almost forgot the third part of my title. I had promised to visit an Elderly Couple and spend time with them.We played Gin rummy(I thinks thats the name of it) I haven't played cards in years. (S) really enjoyed our card game,She had one slice of chocolate pie and insisted I have it.So all in all today was very therapuetic.I am Blessed with Great Friends.A great Church and Elderly people who appriciate the time given to them.I want to wish all You Moms