Wednesday, August 27


I wanted to share this ideal with everyone.Penny a new resident at The Estates moved in she loved gardening,   after spending many hours getting donations,Volenteers and Residence motivated the Church came in, and built these garden boxes.Penny was able to start a Gardening hour and get the Residence involved, and out of their apartments.The boxes are designed for wheel chairs and hover arounds,The Residence can get up close and do there gardening,To me it is a Blessing to see the smile on there faces when they see a ripe tomatoe or an eggplant ready to be cooked.Another good thing about having raised boxes is if you have a bad back your still able to garden.

One of the ladies who complained the whole time about how ugley the Garden boxes are and how they covered up the shuffle board game(No ones played since 1995) Funny thing is shes very excited about gardening time and likes to brag about she helped create this project, I love my job lol. Maybe some of you reading this might decide to try a Garden box.You can start with a small box and taken it from there. I have a Redwood Garden box and love spending time outside.
Please comment below and have a Blessed Day.

Friday, August 22


Well hello Bloggers,

Let me start with I didn't realize how much texting most of us do until I got my new phone.I had gone several days with the new phone and never heard it ring.

                        I walked into my local bank new phone in my pocket and I took off my clip on shades(feeling old) never needed clip ons before,Well at least I know how to work a smart phone Right?It does everything(except make a phone call)Putting my clip ons away I tried to appear youthful."Morning nice day out"I said noticing the Giants glass on the Branch managers desk,"You see the game last night?" She began to name this player that player this move and it was way more then I knew about baseball,The other teller joined in,  these two ladies new their sports.As we were talking we heard what sounded like a flock of birds flying in the bank.We all looked up couldnt see any birds.Branch manager spoke up"Birds must gotton in somehow,that strange" An we all stood there looking up, they sounded like they were flying right over my head.I said "I dont know but there near me"As I walked out I kept looking for all the Angry sounding birds.I got in my truck clipped on my shades and I got ready to leave.All of a sudden the birds were in my truck sounded so loud they were everywhere,It was then that I noticed it was coming from my pocket.It was my new phones' ringtone.My face turned red and I began to laugh. Oh man I felt dum.Wow only in Johns World would this happen.Thank God I got out of there before all the Bank Tellers realized it was my ringtone. I couldnt stop laughing,Nuggett was staring out the window and looked back at me and gave me a look like I DONT EVEN WANT TO KNOW.

Have a Blessed Day and watch out for Angry Birds!!!!

Tuesday, August 5



The Agency called me to open a new case.He was an elderly gentleman age 82.Physically he was in good health.Mentally he has a little confusion.I showed up at 9am sharp.Mr Katz met me at the door.He wore a three piece suit he shook my hand with a firm grip."Come in " He said speaking very professionally."Say hello to Don Quixote" next to his double doors was a tall statue of Don Quixote I smiled as he directed me towards the kitchen bar area.His house was very nice Black leather sectional couch and a leather recliner.
The carpet was a mauve color,His diningroom was connected to the living room He had a long marble dining room table with ten high back leather chairs very nice, As we sat at the bar he began to tell me he needed a driver for various appointments.He said"In fact drive me to my bank I have some last minute business to do."He grabbed his brief case and I drove him to the bank.He told me politly to wait in the car.I kept my eye on him through the banks glass windows.When he walked in he sat down and sipped on a glass of water.After about half an hour he came out an said "All done lets go home and have dinner Im famished"I thought to myself thats odd he didnt do any banking.We got back home and I heated up leftovers that his son had prepared earlier.We sat down to eat and he leaned over and wispered to me in a stern voice "Dont be rude offer them dinner and he glanced over at the empty chairs.I realized  he had halucinations.I went to the kitchen and grabbed eight more dinner plates.His brief case was sitting opened on the counter. Glancing over at it it was empy,I felt bad for him.Apparently his mind was stuck in buisness mode and the bank was aware of his situation. "Skip" had been a radio talk show host for 30 years his theme was politically based and he said our Country was heading towards a Socialist Government.
             He spoke up" Put the plates away everyone left"
           "How did they leave Skip"
            He grinned and said
           "Don't be coy with me,They left by jumping in the fridge"

           As caregiver I had to learn how to guide a person thru very difficult times and some days were very long and heart breaking.
            I cared for Skip almost a year and I he taught me so much.

         Hallucination refers to when a person sees,smells,hears,or tastes something that does not exist.