Wednesday, August 27


I wanted to share this ideal with everyone.Penny a new resident at The Estates moved in she loved gardening,   after spending many hours getting donations,Volenteers and Residence motivated the Church came in, and built these garden boxes.Penny was able to start a Gardening hour and get the Residence involved, and out of their apartments.The boxes are designed for wheel chairs and hover arounds,The Residence can get up close and do there gardening,To me it is a Blessing to see the smile on there faces when they see a ripe tomatoe or an eggplant ready to be cooked.Another good thing about having raised boxes is if you have a bad back your still able to garden.

One of the ladies who complained the whole time about how ugley the Garden boxes are and how they covered up the shuffle board game(No ones played since 1995) Funny thing is shes very excited about gardening time and likes to brag about she helped create this project, I love my job lol. Maybe some of you reading this might decide to try a Garden box.You can start with a small box and taken it from there. I have a Redwood Garden box and love spending time outside.
Please comment below and have a Blessed Day.


  1. We knew a lady down here in south Texas who had one of these and enjoyed it very much.

  2. My mother had green fingers. I did not inherit them. I leave all the stuff outside to my capable hubby...

  3. Wonderful idea. I love working with flowers. I can't get down on my knees any more due to my back problems, so creating one of these would allow me to enjoy my flowers again. Thanks John, for sharing this. Be blessed, dear heart.

  4. That was a great idea. I would love to have a few of those. Hope you are having a great labor day weekend! Take care, Sheila