Thursday, June 27

Kidney Transplant Sucessful

Wanted to update a few things.I work at The Estates.It has around 150 apartments for the Elderly.They each have their own apartment.Some have private caregivers.I have two clients there.I work around 56 to 64 hours a week.It is a Blessing,

What are the odds of two people living in the same building get a call after years of waiting for a Kidney transplant.They had their surgeries two weeks a part Laura age 79 was home 9 days after her surgery.She came walking in the lobby No walker no cane and no assistance.Everyone stopped and gave her a nice round of applaus.God did the miracle.

Then theres Tom age 76 his recovery has been a little harder but he is managing.I wish I could end my entry here on a happy note.Two nights ago  while I was working a night shift, My truck parked right next to his.Someone sawed his steering lock and stole his truck.An older kind of beat up truck.Mines not new its a 1998 with a plaslic sliding back window.It was parked right next to Toms.They didnt take mine thank God.But it hurts to know someone would do such a thing at an Eldery place and to someone fighting to recover
.Let us pray they catch who ever did that to Tom.I will keep you all posted

Friday, June 21

Dad You were still needed here

This was my step dad.I never called him that.To me he was Dad.He married my Mom when I was 10 years old.Along with my 5 other Siblings he took us all in.My Mom was his Queen.I know that for a fact God brought him to our broken home.He taught us how to Laugh,appriciate life,set goals and respect others. On this day in 2008 he asked my Sisters and I to accompany him for a routine Heart exam in the Doctors office.Just before that he gave me the pink slips to his veheciles and emptied his savings $500 and made me promise to love his little dog Nuggett.So we as a family gathered around dad making jokes and promised him, after his procedure we would go to lunch.We heard code blue and as we sat in the waiting room.Time stood still.As the Chaplin made his way over to us.Sorry hes gone,Was what he said.And just like that.Our Dad of 30 years went home to be with God and along with our Mom who passed 2006.I miss him and he is still needed here.But his heart was made whole and now he is reunited with his Wife. Well Percy Allen Cline.I hear your voice everyday....In me as I become more like you.Love your son

Wednesday, June 19

Homeless forced to Move On

Thought Id post an entry tonigh·Over the pass year a group of peoplefrom my Church, have been taking food,Blankets and Clothes down the river by my house for the homeless·I have not been able to go with them.I work every Thurday when they meet.Last night my Pastor called me over to him and asked me to go with a Brother (Church Member)down to the River to help move someone.
Game&Fish came and told about thirty people they have four days to get out or face jail time and have all theyre stuff(what little they have collected)taken from them.I met a woman named Carol and her little dog.She has been living down there since November.Her items were neatly folded in a pile.Needing help carrying her stuff up the hill to the road.My heart went out to her and the others gathering up there belongings.The look on there faces of Confusion along with being cold and hungry is overwelming.Carol said several times I cant think straight Im so hungry.Thank God we did find her a place to go for now and a Brother took her belongings to storage.   Dont get me wrong,I kniw some are there because if alcohol & drugs.Or by choice.But what about the ones like Carol wnever thought she would be homeless.
My prayer last night was for God to help them and I felt more gratitude for the roof over my heaf and began to count my Blessings

Sunday, June 2

Not a Winner

Thought I would try posting an entry from my phone.
So the other day My Sis and I stopped in the mini mart by her house.(New Owners)Sis gets a bingo ticket."Number 13 please"The Owner pulls out the ticket,Scans it and says "Not a Winner,You dont want it"My Sis."What the heck,I didnt even get to play it.You dont do that.You gotta give the customer their ticket to scratch"I was laughing so hard.The expression on my Sisters face.An avid bingo player.It was priceless
My Sis.