Wednesday, June 19

Homeless forced to Move On

Thought Id post an entry tonigh·Over the pass year a group of peoplefrom my Church, have been taking food,Blankets and Clothes down the river by my house for the homeless·I have not been able to go with them.I work every Thurday when they meet.Last night my Pastor called me over to him and asked me to go with a Brother (Church Member)down to the River to help move someone.
Game&Fish came and told about thirty people they have four days to get out or face jail time and have all theyre stuff(what little they have collected)taken from them.I met a woman named Carol and her little dog.She has been living down there since November.Her items were neatly folded in a pile.Needing help carrying her stuff up the hill to the road.My heart went out to her and the others gathering up there belongings.The look on there faces of Confusion along with being cold and hungry is overwelming.Carol said several times I cant think straight Im so hungry.Thank God we did find her a place to go for now and a Brother took her belongings to storage.   Dont get me wrong,I kniw some are there because if alcohol & drugs.Or by choice.But what about the ones like Carol wnever thought she would be homeless.
My prayer last night was for God to help them and I felt more gratitude for the roof over my heaf and began to count my Blessings


  1. Thank you for telling this story, true story, We have a city mission but many times it is full. I used to work about 3 blocks from a bridge that homeless went to,. And we knew the alcoholics from the down and out people that would work if they could find something they could do. There was one man I found that carried his tent and backpack, and said he would not want to leave his life, sleeping under bridges and so forth. He was one of the cleanest.

  2. Oh my goodness that hurts my heart too - you are right - I don't think anyone plans to end up somewhere like that. Glad you helped her. sandie

  3. thank you for being there to show some love to these poor folks. I always say "there but for the Grace of God go I " never judge others by the way they look or live. I join you in p frayers for all homeless people everywhere. from Sybil uk

  4. I was thinking last night about what you said about the homeless. I bet there was a lot of thankfulness. There have been 2 murders in,the homeless community here. However they were the homeless killing each other. Often think it was alcohol and drugs. Our quiet little city of Lincoln, Ne. has turned into a little Chicago, there have been so many crimes.