Wednesday, September 29

Paperwork,Doctors,Appointments,More Doctors

Hello Bloggers,Wanted to update you on my Sister Trisha's condition.She has been getting weekly office visits from a doctor.They are trying her out on different meds.She retained 15 pounds of fluid and they started her out on 20 mg water pill.They also had to insert a needle into her stomache and drain the fluids,She a strong woman She was told she cant eat any meat other then fresh fish,No breads and a 2,000mg sodieum a day diet,Shes really trying to get healthy.Wants to see her grandkids grow up;And we need our sister around.I am doing everything i Can to get her to appointments,get the right medical treatment she needs.A new diet plan. Call me selfish,But Im not ready to lose another family member anytime soon.And Im so proud of her for Not drinking any alcohol in almost four months.After years of drinking,She has chiroisis of the liver,Some might even look down on her because of her sickness,But to me Im proud that she didnt give up.She wants to live,And Thank God for his mercy.So please pray for me and Mainly for her.If you know of any helpful diet plans please share them with me.
Will keep you all informed,