Saturday, January 28


Hello Folks,
Just stopping by to Write an up date.This picture was taking last year after losing 45 pounds. Sure feels great when people start to notice,In the stores you shop at,Church, Family get together, etc."Wow, you look great,You lost some weight! "Well how did I look before?Now a year later and 30 pounds back on.
Last Year Feb 2010
I try and avoid THOSE people and places. You run into them (literally cause your face is buried in a bag of chips) They see you now.....AWKWARD!!! So you start wearing black,or heavy jackets,Nothing you can do about the three chins.A scarf around your neck in 105 degree weather,is a give away. All kidding aside. Hold on, dripping ice cream all over my keyboard:::::OK I'm back,I have started my healthy eating AGAIN,Lost 10 pounds in three weeks.And just 2o more to go. I cut out most meats and sugar.That usually works for me.Justifying it.I did keep the weight off a year.Then BOOM is was back.
                                          On a lighter note,Its good to see people blogging again Myself included. I enjoy reading your entry's.I'll post another pic in the middle of February.Wish me luck,


Monday, January 16


Dear Dad,
The day has come. Its been one year ago today we lost you. I say we Cause I'm speaking for your daughters,Also for your dog(Mouse) And Myself. Last night I was thinking.One year ago on this day the 19th.Dad you were here.You were right here with us.The guys were putting in the new wooden floors in the livingroom and hallway.You said it has to be done by that night.You asked me to call Bonnie,to drive down from Placerville To go with us to your appointment.Trisha and Dee both were here that night. And I went and got dinner for us all.And the house was full of comotion.And I didnt understand why you insisted on the floors being done.I was so worried about the procedure you were having done in the morning on the 20th.(But you werent)At home that night.Iremember you sneaking up behind Bonnie and blowing in her ear.You scared her so bad,she screamed at top of her lungs. You fell flat on your face .resting it on the back of the couch.I havent heard you laugh that hard in years. I dont want to get all emotional on this entry, its hard not to . Just know Dad I miss everything you use to do. Your keys jiggeling on your side when you would walk. How you always had a pot of coffee on day or night. How id be rushing out the door LATE for Church and you say you look handsome, And I know your going to have a good time with them good people.. Also you waited up for me to see how Church went.Our long talks. Sitting in the back yard(Back 40) in the new lounge chairs we bought.It took you three different chairs to buy the one you liked.You'd strectch out on your bed to rest and say Ahhhh this feels so good. And you say son your eyes look so tired,You better go lay down.You did that .knowing I say Dad Im not tir----im going to lay down to.I miss you so much.At first it was like life just stopped. I was fine driving home from the hospital, til I seen Nugg(Mouse) come running out to greet you in your truck.I remember just falling to ground in the patio holding Nugg. And I cried and cried. And was scared.She eased her way to me shaken and so nervous she peeed in the patioNow everything is on my shoulders.But you know what Dad God has been with me( us.) I feel him holding me when the hurt is so bad I cant breath. Anyways.I love you and we are going forward and getting after your girls like you would.I hope you know how, much and impact you made on us. Dance with Mom.Until were all reunited somedays. REST IN PEACE MY MENTOR
John Pimentel Cline


I have alot of questions.Who can help me?My domain email screen name changed and some of the blog sites dont reconize me,How do I change it back to my original website?Also Many people are saying they cant leave comments.Thats messed up.And where Can I go to get help on my blog?I use to be able to go on and change my blog look easily.If your able to comment please help me with these questions

Thursday, January 12


Received some bad news yesterday.My roommates Dog Buddy has been having a hard time getting around lately.The other night he cried out in pain.Yesterday I took him to the Vet.( Room mate had to work)Doctor found a huge tumor behind Buddys right leg, The doctor thinks its bone cancer.Several Options, Pain/Arthritis meds to Keep him Comfortable, ( X rays would show for sure,Buts that's another$250. ) Buddys to old to have his leg amputated The third option would to do radiation .Very expensive.So my room mate Jerry (He use to be married to my Sister, Is a good guy, is having a hard time right now,He's had Buddy over 15 years.They've been Thur rough times together.Lived in their car a short time.Buddy's always been there for him.So I'm asking prayers for Buddy. Mostly for Jerry, God give him strength,May sound strange to ask prayers for a dog, But those of us who have pets know they are family as well.

If any of you know of another alternative,Please let me know.

Friday, January 6


  •                               This will be a short entry tonight.Well after writing my PRAY IT FORWARD Entry My water pump went out on my truck.The same friend from Church came over and had it fixed in about and hour and a half.
  •                             Again he wouldn't take any money.Im Blessed that's for Sure. I have to do something nice for He and his wife,Just want to do a few quick updates. Yesterday was my Pastor/Friend Daughters' Birthday.She turned 14.I can't believe it.When she was a baby and I would be ushering during Services.(Her dad Preached and her Mom was a Praise Team Singer)
  •                           .So I would hold her and she would fall asleep on my shoulder.Wow, where did the years ago.Now shes becoming a beautiful young lady who love the Lord.She is now on the plat form and Praise sings and plays piano.
  •                         Today was 62 in California.Very strange for This time of the year.I still have Strawberry's growing in my knox box.
  •                         My friend Mark and his wife Amie and the two kids came over and we hung out,Love those two kids they are full of energy They bring my life into my home, that's for Sure.
  •                         Also I received a letter  from my nephew.M. He's in prison.He got into drugs and stole a car.Its sad what  drugs will do to people.He's asking me to pray for him.He's very intelligent and got caught up in it. I do pray for him.(Back to the letter )as I was reading it I had tears in my eyes. Does turning 45 make you sensitive?
  •                         I was home alone (WELL NUG WAS HERE)and it just hit me that my nephew was locked up behinds bars.And had to miss the Holidays.And Im missing him.His release date is is in March.Pray for him Please, Oh ya, One more thing  I came home and my Bathroom window was broken,Very strange,Its a small window in the back of the house, Maybe a bird hit it,At first I thought someone tried to break in.while I was gone for awhile,Theres usually someone here.And I have the big guard dog.
  •                      Ive been reading a lot of new blogs.Very interesting,I need to learn how to add pictures, in between the paragraphs.Any suggestions?Well I better close for now.
  • JOHN

Monday, January 2


                                     My truck was parked for two weeks,The supertine belt shredded.($40)Thank God for Friends offering rides,Then a good friend from Church came over on his day off and fixed it.Wouldn't except any money.I put a gift card in his hand to take his wife out for dinner..Pray it forward.
                                   Also my friend Mark paid for the belt and picked it up for me. Then yesterday I Opened a home care case. 7.2 miles from my house.The dang truck overheated.I barely made it home.
                                   It took almost an hour just to get home.By the time I parked that truck it looked as if someones was bar-b-quing under he hood.So I called my Pastor for rides and he and the brother from the Church arranged to come tomorrow and fix the water pump.Thank God for friends.
                                   At first I wanted to yell Whhhyyyyy Lorrrd Whhhhyyy.Instead I said Thank you Jesus, You will take care of me,as long as I do my part.Same goes for any of you who are going thru something.2012 is the year of Blessings.Claim it and receive.But remember to do something to Pray it forward.Pastor Preached if you have two gallons of milk,Take one to your neighbour and say here you go, thought you might need this. Imagine if we all started helping one another.
                            If you read this entry please comment even if it anonymous.Let me know if you prayed it forward ,Or are you are in need of a special prayer.Just try it and see what God does for you. 2012 will be filled with Joy,Peace,Happiness and Blessing from God.