Thursday, January 12


Received some bad news yesterday.My roommates Dog Buddy has been having a hard time getting around lately.The other night he cried out in pain.Yesterday I took him to the Vet.( Room mate had to work)Doctor found a huge tumor behind Buddys right leg, The doctor thinks its bone cancer.Several Options, Pain/Arthritis meds to Keep him Comfortable, ( X rays would show for sure,Buts that's another$250. ) Buddys to old to have his leg amputated The third option would to do radiation .Very expensive.So my room mate Jerry (He use to be married to my Sister, Is a good guy, is having a hard time right now,He's had Buddy over 15 years.They've been Thur rough times together.Lived in their car a short time.Buddy's always been there for him.So I'm asking prayers for Buddy. Mostly for Jerry, God give him strength,May sound strange to ask prayers for a dog, But those of us who have pets know they are family as well.

If any of you know of another alternative,Please let me know.


  1. if vet is relatively sure it is cancer, bone cancer, then buddy needs to be kept as free of pain as he can be (give him the meds), while room mate needs to be encouraged to make that final act of kindness all responsible pet owners have to make at some point. have him first talk with vet, to be sure & see what vet's opinion is.
    i know only too well (& too often) what he's going through. but in the end, we must think of our beloved loyal & loving pets, they were there for us through all the ups & downs.
    now it's time for him to be there for buddy. he must have the strength to overcome his own pain & do what's right for buddy. to not let him endure unbearable suffering with no cure in sight.
    sending my love john dear, please know i'm praying for buddy, that he be made as comfortable as possible...& for your room mate, that he find the strength to do what he knows he must do.
    may God bless them both with His love & mercy.
    keep me posted on fb. { }

  2. I sure do hope that Buddy gets to feeling better but at his age, things tend to get worse. I pray that your roommate will find strength within him self to appreciate the good times they experienced and be strong enough to let go if need be.