Thursday, March 1

Might need a Liver Transplant

Here it is March 1rst and thought Id update on a few things.First today is my God Sons 4th Birthday."Happy Birthday Luke."He is very Special to me.So Smart and such a happy Child,And Tech Sauvey(Helps me with my Smart phone lol)
Also Im 10 pounds away from goal weight again )As I posted in my last blog.Thank God.
                                 But most importantly Ive been taking my Sister to bloodwork& Doctors appointments.Her lab work came back with some good numbers.Saturday My Sister Bonnie will be down at my house to stay a few days and The three of us will be going to San Francisco at U.C.S.F. For to take our Sister to have a series of test ran.We are praying that God will make a way that she doesnt have to have the liver transplant.But if she does.God give her the strength to recover and help us all get thru this as a Family,Its so scary when comes to Your Family.So on Sunday .Me and my two Sisters will go by Amtrack to Sanfrancisco ,the day before the Hospital visit.We've never gone as a Family before.How sad is that.My Sister Trish hasnt been there in 40 years. So we plan to enjoy the day.Pier 39,Wax Muesam.Alcatraz and dinner.on the Warf.I'll post pics after I get back. The most important thing is to please pray for our Sister Shes everything to us.We lost three of them and please pray that God permits us to have her in our life many more years to come.
                                                   HISTORY OF ALCATRAZ            
                                   Alcatraz Penitentiary was truly “The Rock,” where America sent the worst of the worst criminals from 1934-1966. Public enemies like Scarface Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Creepy Karpis, and the Birdman (Robert Stroud) all learned this first hand. People on the outside have always been fascinated with Alcatraz. Visitors peered at Alcatraz through telescopes when the prisoners were there, and ever since it was opened to tours, thousands of visitors have come every year.