Thursday, July 31


I got a call to go open a new case,I was told she is 80 Years old· avery prominent lady of her town,she was very succesful in Real Estate and dating an 88 year old man who did well himself.Her home was beautiful the living room over looked the river and the wall was all glass so you could see out.She dressed very nice She is petite and very kind.Loves to wear a straw hat,Her diagnosis is second stage of Alzheimer(which is sever memory loss)

                                   We sat at the kitchen table and talked. At first glance you couldnt tell anything was wrong with her,Physically she looked fine.She offered me a glass of wine at 10am I politly declined. Later this would become our nightly routine a glass of wine (mine was cranberry juice in a wine glass)and Wheel of fortune.She amazed me at how sharp her mind was solving the puzzels with just a few letters.Yet she`d want to go visit her Mother(She had passed 20 years ago) I had learned correcting them only brings more confusion.I would try to find ways around it.We would get in the car even if it was 2am and drive to go see her Mother.Really I would drive just a few blocks and come back home pull in the drive way and she say "Ahhh feels good to be home again," Some nights this could happen 3 or 4 times but thats ok my job was to keep her mind at ease.

                                     One night during Wheel of Fortune she was reall confused and wanting to pack the silverware (We had to go home)So I used her phone pretended to call "her" house I said out loud "Oh they just finished painting the house and we have to wait here"She seemed content with that........,So I thought..She looked over at me and asked "Who are you?   (Id been working there 6 months 72 to 80 hours a week)she was getting aggitated "You've got to go you cant be here , I dont know you' "My boyfriend will be upset your here so late so Im leaving"

                                  After thinking about it I said "Im going to call Charlie see what he thinks"
So I left the room changed into a bright red shirt and took my glasses off said a prayer hoping this works, I walked towards Berta"Hello Im Charlies Grandson he asked me to wait here til he gets here"She took my hand and sat me down "Oh thank God your here I didnt like the other young man.......Glass of wine."

Monday, July 28


Not sure if I want to tell this story, Sadly its all true.(Another John Momemt) Saturday I came home to grab a power nap before going back to finish second shift of the day. I unlocked the door and walked in, my dog Nuggett followed behind. How the heck did she get outside?Poor thing I must of locked her out before leaving to work this morning.,Thank God it was only 4 hours and I had food & water outside.She did throw me a look like HOW DARE YOU(as you all know shes the Queen of this castle)

                    I walked in my house and there was a strange odor,Thought to myself" I bet the room mate came back home from work" (Explains Nug being locked out) "and I bet he burnt broccoli in the microwave".Checked the microwave NOPE it hadnt been used
                    "Strange Oh well" so I gave up and streched out on my bed but the smell was getting stronger,Hopes it not carbon dioxide and Im not going to wake up,wait a minute carbon dioxide doesnt have an odor,Ok this is really bothering me...I know what it is I bet my neighbout burnt a pot of beans and the smell drifted into my bedroom.Thats got to be it logic right!!!!!So I go next door stick my head in her garbage can (I know dont judge me lol )  looking for any sign of burnt beans NOTHING
                     Forget it  I said out nap times almost over, wasted it on sniffing around. Laying there on the bed after sniffing Nuggett to see if she rolled around in something(by the way she was offended by my accusations) I decided to give up and try and nap. I got to thinking I stopped at the store and just paid four dollars a gallon and the nozzle had a small hole leaking the gas on me. How frustrating gas is like gold right now. THATS IT..... I checked my jeans and had gasoline on them .........the smell was me all along .Nug looked at the clock then back at me and threw a look like GO TO WORK PLEASE.Mystery solved.Lessonvlearned. Before blaming room mate ,neighbour and dog check yourself first.Hope you all have a great day

Saturday, July 26


 I get a kick out of elderly people. Especially if they've been married half a century I was assisting this couple in there home and an RN came out to determine if the husband needed more assistance. We all sat down in the living room He was a grumpy petite man She was kind &loving (kind of an Edith Bunker character)  All in the Family sitcom. We all sat in the livingroom.The RN had her head down focused on her clip board. His wife sat a few feet from her Husband. She had bags under her eyes,her hair was scraggly and she was exhausted. He sat there with his guard up and ready to strike.
RN "Mr Kindle are you sleeping ok at night?"
Mr Kindle "Oh pretty good "
Mrs Kindle (speaking timid) "Well he's been up five or six times lately"
He threw her a look.
RN Mr Kindle "Are you having any accidents in bed?
Mr Kindle "No No not at all."
Mrs Kindle "Well last few nights he has had a few"
He threw her a look with his fist clinched and he mouthed  "Shut up" she put her eyes down.
RN "Mr Kindle are you having trouble walking without assistance?"
Mr Kindle "No no not at all"
Mrs Kindle "Well lately he's been stumbling and almost fell twice"
With that he couldn't contain it anymore he yelled "Dammmmmm"The Nurse began to write and write and write He threw his wife a dirty look. Mrs Kindle gathered her composer stood up and said "Give us the maximum home care hours I've got to go get my hair done"grabbed her purse and headed out the door. That made my day!!!

Tuesday, July 22


Another up date,Here in California its a cool 68 degrees and chance of rain,"Pray for rain please" We are at 80% drought,The Capitol has decided to let the lawns turn brown to set an example as water conserving.Anyone caught watering more then twice a week or  Power hosing Side walks/drive ways will be fined $500.

          Yesterday at work I was waiting for my client and day caregiver to return from an eye appontment.Some of you may know that my client is 90.She came strolling in on her hover around she was shook up and exhausted.I got her to her recliner feet up and brought cold water She said forget the water get me a small glass of wine.
         She began to tell me that as they were letting the lift down on the back of the bus and the day  care giver was a few feet a way looking in a glass window at pianos.All off a sudden a car a came crashing thru and nearly ran down the caregiver The glass shattered everywhere The bus driver left my Client in mid air on the lift and ran to check on everyone People ran out of the eye doctor not knowing if it was a bomb or what.But everone was ok heres a link

         On a lighter note I posted a picture of my little dog Nuggett Shes a real trooper for putting up with my crazy antics this morning she and I watered the garden box(Todays watering day) We were getting stuff and feeling good about it,Well every step I took She began to whine.I kept asking her "Nug whats wrong?Her tail wagging and she looked content.I started walking toward the house and again little whining"Now Nug stop Im right here "She gave me a look.She ran ahead of of m
e and got a drink of water.I walked into the kitchen and heard her whine again.She wasnt even in the room it was then that I realized it was my leather flip flops that squeeked as I wal
ked.I stood there and shaking my head and had to laugh."Nug come here and I picked her up and hugged her.She threw me a look like YOU BIG DUMMY GET IT TOGETHER!!!

Thanks for stopping by have a Blessed Day

Dog Humor

What do you get if you cross a sheep dog with a jelly?
The collie woblers

How is a dog and a marine biologist alike?
One wags a tail and the other tags a whale

Saturday, July 19


Ok I have to vent.......AGAIN.Im blessed with a great neighbour hes a widowed man around 68 very kind and like I said Im Blessed to have him living next door to me but every year around this time he and a few of his friends load up the motor home and take his boat and head to the Ocean for two weeks.The sad thing is he own two dogs Yup two dogs not one.The thing that bothers me is he takes the young one and leaves the older one home ALONE I get that hes older and the trip might hard on the dog, My neighbour does have someone stopping by twice a day to feed the dog,Not only is old dog missing his owner but his 24/7 younger companion and the dog has howled and cried so much hes hoarse its an awful sound. I feel so bad for him. I  talk to the old dog thru the fence And put dog snacks over for him. Day and night that poor dog is crying.Its so sad..I need advice from the dog lovers out there. How do I handle the situation?Do I confront neighbour?Do I leave an anonymous note on his front door?All advice welcomed


Female dogs bite twice as much as male dogs.

The name of the dog on Cracker Jacks is Bingo.

Canine nose works one million times more efficiently than the human nose.

Dogs ears are very sensitive, never blow into your dogs ears, its like running 
your finger nails on a blackboard.

There are 701 types of pure breed dogs.

Thanks for letting me vent now im going to go hug Nuggett.


Wednesday, July 16


Hello Friends,
Let me start off by apolizing I've been neglecting my blog and Im going to try to post once a week.Recently I got to spend some much need time with my Family. Money has been a little tight and weekends are when I get most of my hours in at work.Two of my nephews said"Come on Uncle we really want you to go,We will pick you up and take care of all the food we just need family time" That meant a lot to me.I got my camping gear out and we headed to Sly park Lake in Placerville Ca (google it its beautiful) My Sister Bonnie and her husband were waiting at camp for us.We went out in there boat We had a great time My Sister and I laughed for three days:)I bet the other campers thought we were intoxicated(We dont drink)Just good ol fashion Family time.Electronics put away, the kids playing games and sitting around the camp fire.I thanked God for this special weekend.I have a few pics will try to upload later.Reality set back in today as I walked into the bank I noticed a slight limp I looked down and had on two different tenny shoe lol To my defense at least they were the same color.I hope all my blog friends are having a great week and I will be reading blogs more.If you watch you tube check out Charles Trippy he is a band member battling brain cancer,I think hes 28 hes an awesome guy.You can also check out CTFXC I believe thats Charles channel name! Also A couple living in UK Five dogs and two kids SCCONEJOLY.Jonathon is Hilarous and great with is kids

Blessed day friends