Tuesday, July 22


Another up date,Here in California its a cool 68 degrees and chance of rain,"Pray for rain please" We are at 80% drought,The Capitol has decided to let the lawns turn brown to set an example as water conserving.Anyone caught watering more then twice a week or  Power hosing Side walks/drive ways will be fined $500.

          Yesterday at work I was waiting for my client and day caregiver to return from an eye appontment.Some of you may know that my client is 90.She came strolling in on her hover around she was shook up and exhausted.I got her to her recliner feet up and brought cold water She said forget the water get me a small glass of wine.
         She began to tell me that as they were letting the lift down on the back of the bus and the day  care giver was a few feet a way looking in a glass window at pianos.All off a sudden a car a came crashing thru and nearly ran down the caregiver The glass shattered everywhere The bus driver left my Client in mid air on the lift and ran to check on everyone People ran out of the eye doctor not knowing if it was a bomb or what.But everone was ok heres a link www.modbee.com

         On a lighter note I posted a picture of my little dog Nuggett Shes a real trooper for putting up with my crazy antics this morning she and I watered the garden box(Todays watering day) We were getting stuff and feeling good about it,Well every step I took She began to whine.I kept asking her "Nug whats wrong?Her tail wagging and she looked content.I started walking toward the house and again little whining"Now Nug stop Im right here "She gave me a look.She ran ahead of of m
e and got a drink of water.I walked into the kitchen and heard her whine again.She wasnt even in the room it was then that I realized it was my leather flip flops that squeeked as I wal
ked.I stood there and shaking my head and had to laugh."Nug come here and I picked her up and hugged her.She threw me a look like YOU BIG DUMMY GET IT TOGETHER!!!

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  1. Wow! That was a scary accident. Funny about your flip flops squeaking. We had three inches of rain here in dry hot south Texas a few days ago. It was so appreciated but it won't be long until we're begging again.

  2. That is so scary, the accident. I love that dog. John, thank you for understanding my concerns about Joe and his memory. I had a sister that passed away from alzhiemers and it scares me when Joe is trying his best but can't remember. My sister lived to be 80 and she didn't know us or her son or her husband before he passed. She was home with it for around15 years but finally went into a nursing home and was there for 10 years. I think the last 2 years were the worst. I was the only one left to go see her. I would go and she would not even look at me. I went to the car and cried and and then drove home. You seem to be in a job where you know why I am afraid for Joe. thank you.

    1. Lucy I do know all about it,It is very difficult to go through,Try and find a good support group this is to hard to go through alone keep in touch prayers your way

    2. Thank goodness your client is okay. But still what happened must have been quite a shock. Nuggett is a sweetheart. Funny about the flip flops.

  3. The accident is definitely scary, but the 'Nug' sounds made me laugh. On the trail a couple days ago i kept hearing noises behind me. Since I am mostly deaf, I kept turning. finally realized my aids were picking up my pack straps stretching. (smile) Good entry and what a story about the client.