Thursday, April 28


APRIL 28TH 2011

Its been sometime since Ive written. Last post was about my Sister Trisha being so confused and her liver ws failing.The doctors gave her a 45 percent chance to live a year.Well I took her back after she had a sonagram done and more blood work,Which they were doing weekly.Doctors even wrote a letter to Social Security, trying to speed up the process to get her a liver transplant,So the doctor calls me back there.And hes going thru this huge file of paper work,Reading all these numbers.He told Us Im afraid I can explain it.She doesnt qualify for a liver transplant.She doesnt even need one now, A bad liver is at a 36 and Hers dropped to a 11.He was so amazed he called in another docotor and said read theses number.And the other doctor was smiling.My Sister and I kept saying its God, he did the miracle.Shes been sober 11 months, after drinking over 30 years,Gods given her another chance,He truly did a miracle before our eyes.Thank you Jesus,So those of you who read this.WHAT IS YOUR MIRACLE,WHAT CAN WE UNITE IN PRAYER FOR,TRUSTIN AND BELIEVING THAT GOD IS THE DOCTOR OF ALL DOCTORS