Sunday, September 21




Well heres another John 
story.......(Sadly its true)Most of
 you know I work in homecare with the elderly. I had been working with this one family about a year assisting their Dad.He was an intelligent man who loved to read  books.Actually the whole family worked with in schools or educational programs.They all were very intellegent. I had a bad habit of drinking soda's. I would have two or three a day, my boss was encouraging me to give up sodas, She had told me to try flavored tea in place of sodas.One morning I came into work and on the counter next to the stove was a box of flavored tea, on the stove was a small pot with tea in, I thought to myself  Thats very nice of Judie (my boss) she must of made me tea.I tasted it and it was sweet but not bad, besides she went through all that trouble and I didnt want to be rude.I filled up a glass with ice and poured myself a glass of tea. Mr Hardie(80 year old client) was napping so I decided to get my Bible get comfortable and sit down to read. I must of drank half a glass when suddenly I felt a burst of energy, I began to read chapter after chapter before I knew it I was zooming thru it page after page,I read about ten chapters in no time.Now do I know what I read?No!!! Finally I couldn't sit any longer.I was zooming around the house.My boss pulled into the drive way and came inside "Hello John, hows Dad doing today? She asked from the kitchen. ZOOM ZOOM someoneone to talk to I thought  I walked into the kitchen"Hes doing good today,"I said as my hands began to tremble.She had a strange look on her face,staring at the half empty pot on the stove. "Hmmmm thats strange I made hummingbird water for the feeder this morning."EX-Excuse me you made what?"I said feeling my face turn red. It was then that I realized I drank hummingbird water,(pure sure&colored water) I was so embarrassed, but I had to tell her the truth, I barely had my sentence out when she began to laugh uncontrollably, bringing her hands up to her shoulders she began to mock a hummingbird wings fluttering.
Thank God it was safe to drink.And she had a good sense of humor,Moral of the story never assume lol
Blessed day

Saturday, September 20




It saddens me to blog about this,Back in July I wrote about "Family Time" camping at Sly Park Lake, A fews days ago I  started getting calls from family they were under evacuation notices,King Fire was burning along Hwy 50 in Placerville\Pollock Pines California.As the days went on people started coming together opening schools&Church's for shelter,1500 homes so far,My Neice called me saying " it looks like a war zone here,Helicopters,Fire trucks,roads closed & people in the streets standing around,smoke everywhere."All I could do was pray day and night,So far none of them have lost their homes and  as of Thursday they are allowed back in their homes.
The fire is spreading East and 80,000 acres burned so far its 10% contained.

Then I find out the cause and I am angry and hurt,   A 37 year old man is charged with deliberately setting the fire in El Dorado County.This man has criminal record of possesion of stolen property,grand theft and assault with a deadly weapon.His bail is set at $11 million.

The last house he broke into he set it on fire.One thing I seen in all this is the Community coming together providing support,shelter and a place for their pets.My Sisters' job provided 20 apartments for temperay shelter at no cost until people get back on their feet.Again I am reminded God comes thru no matter what!!!!Readers please send prayers to all those affected by one mans ignorance



Saturday, September 13


I was sitting here thinking about some of the crazy things Ive done,The mind can sure play tricks on a person, expecially if that mind belongs to ME.
                One morning I stepped into my closet to grab a shirt and I was bare footed.All of a sudden I felt a sharp poke and I  jumped back.Looking down out crawled a black widow spider, I killed it and made my way into the livingroom.Through myself down on the couch and brought my foot up for a closer look,There was a small hole in my foot and a little red mark. My Dad said "What are you doing?"I was starting to panic(Fear of Spiders)" I've been bitten by a black Widow "My Dad walked over ever so slowly, He looked at my foot,"Nah your fine"he said. My mind was racing, this is it Im a gonner I thought to myself.
               "Dad you better get me to the hospital I dont feel so well"Now son calm down your foot is fine,Theres no red streak just keep an eye on it"Keep and eye on it I need medical attention ASAP" I convinced my Dad to drive me to the nearest hospital,The 15 minute drive seemed like eternity,I made my way into the E.R and told the receptionist,She said" have a seat I will call you up"I thought to myself are you kidding me I could be dying here,GET ME A DOCTOR STAT....My Dad would look over at me and laugh.
               In walked a family helping a young girl she had fallen off her horse and was bleeding from her forehead.The Nurse  took her right back.I told my Dad "Are you kidding me, I could be dying here they need to see me NOW" Needless to say time went by and no red  streak,no pain My Dad had convinced me I was fine to go home and keep and eye on it.
                When we got home I hobbled to my room,heart pounding.I made my way to the closet just to check for more killer spiders,And there it was laying on the carpet. A THUMB TACK!!!!!  I had stepped on a thumb tack.My Dad was laughing so hard he couldnt catch his breath.I said Thank you Jesus.
Have a Blessed Day readers and watch out for deadly thumb tacks

Friday, September 12



I have been having a lot of problems with blogspot for awhile now.


My main email to the account changed on its own,So now some of my long time friends blogs I try to read wont let me go on,Does anyone know how I can change it back to were you all reconize me?

Also people cant leave comments How can I change the setting to make it easier for my readers? I dont want to stop blogging but this is frustrating if you cant leave a comment please email me my blog is now under and want to chane thst
Thanks everyone

Wednesday, September 10


Last night after Church I was talking to a Family,Ive known them for several years.Their oldest son is 17 now and recently he dropped a lot of weight and transformed his body to become healthy and very fit.We were talking and I told him" I seen your ice bucket challange for ALS on facebook,and noticed  at the end of your video you said "Take that all who bullied me and called me chubby"I had no clue he ever had any troubles,After every Church  service this young man would come up to me with a smile give me a hug and say "Hello Brother John"He is always respectful and I could tell he has a heart after God.

                            He began to share with me he said" Bro John I was bullied so bad at school and here at our Church and one of the boys is a Ministers' son."Not realizing the seriousness of what he went through.I said "Oh you know what they say,"Ministers kids' are the worse" He was trying to hold back tears,his parents were near by talking with friends"Brother John it went on for years it got so bad I considered suicide" and with that the tears fell down his cheeks.I thought to myself as I stood there keeping my composure,my Lord he was tramatized.I told him "I had no clue you were going through anything.You have my number you call or tex me day or night.He went on to say " now it takes me so long to get ready for the day, I second guess everything I wear and cant see how I look .Now I still see a fat kid that was picked on.I told him I never seen you as a fat you are a good kid and Im praying for full restoration and peace of mind. He gave me a hug and I told the family I would give them a call later and to have a good night and I headed home.What he shared with me got me to thinking back,When I was in 6 grade my Dad hasd passed a way and my Mom was supporting five kids on her own.So I didnt have expensive name brand clothes and I was tall and very thin just ackward, no Dad to teach me Sports.I remember one day a group of kids on the first day of school said "Is that Johnny?"I thought they were happy to see me back at school after losing my Dad but then one kid said "Oh ya its him he's wearing the same shoes he had on last year,and they all. Started laughing, as time when on it got worse.I had a knife held to me by an 8th grader  taking my lunch money and in High school I was the last to be picked in baseball,It got so bad I would pray "God please let me go deaf so I dont have to hear them anymore" 

                 But now as an Adult I am Blessed.God has given me great friends and all the things I dreampt about doing like photography,writing and working with Children &Youth and the elderly I am doing now, I am now Superintendant of Sunday School and God has restored my self esteem.I dont care what you look like, what you wear, how rich or how poor you are I make it a point to say hello and ask How are you? We never know what someone is going through.
I know this entry is long and very serious but in todays world with Social Media its alot harder on kids .So let us unite in prayer

Saturday, September 6

FLAT SAMMY.....Spokes kid for Autism

I recently had the privedge of hosting Flat Sammy for two weeks at my house.Flat Sammy is a little card board cut out based on a 12 old year boy living back East who has autism.His Mom came up with the ideal a few years back He goes from home to home around the World and helps raise awareness for austism, In three years he has been in many homes and gone on adventures around the World (check out his facebook page to see all the different places and people he has visited) When I found out I was picked to host Flat Sammy I was excited and began to do research on autism.When Flat Sammy arrived at my house, I took him to my job"The Estates" and shared his story with several of the elderly living there,They were excited and wanted to know more about autism, some even had great granchildren who have autism.I also took Flat Sammy to my Church and spoke about him and autism awareness,The kids loved him and asked many questions.

Lets us all pray for Children with special needs and show compassion. 

1 in 68 children in the United States have been identified with autism spectrum disorder up 30% from 2012.We need to educate,diagnose,treat and provide services to Children with ASD, It is 5 times more common in boys, autism appears to be a pattern in families,supporting the theory
that the disorder has a genetic code that children with autism may have inhertited. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog!!!!

Romans 12:10 (Be) kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love,In honour preferring one another.