Sunday, September 21




Well heres another John 
story.......(Sadly its true)Most of
 you know I work in homecare with the elderly. I had been working with this one family about a year assisting their Dad.He was an intelligent man who loved to read  books.Actually the whole family worked with in schools or educational programs.They all were very intellegent. I had a bad habit of drinking soda's. I would have two or three a day, my boss was encouraging me to give up sodas, She had told me to try flavored tea in place of sodas.One morning I came into work and on the counter next to the stove was a box of flavored tea, on the stove was a small pot with tea in, I thought to myself  Thats very nice of Judie (my boss) she must of made me tea.I tasted it and it was sweet but not bad, besides she went through all that trouble and I didnt want to be rude.I filled up a glass with ice and poured myself a glass of tea. Mr Hardie(80 year old client) was napping so I decided to get my Bible get comfortable and sit down to read. I must of drank half a glass when suddenly I felt a burst of energy, I began to read chapter after chapter before I knew it I was zooming thru it page after page,I read about ten chapters in no time.Now do I know what I read?No!!! Finally I couldn't sit any longer.I was zooming around the house.My boss pulled into the drive way and came inside "Hello John, hows Dad doing today? She asked from the kitchen. ZOOM ZOOM someoneone to talk to I thought  I walked into the kitchen"Hes doing good today,"I said as my hands began to tremble.She had a strange look on her face,staring at the half empty pot on the stove. "Hmmmm thats strange I made hummingbird water for the feeder this morning."EX-Excuse me you made what?"I said feeling my face turn red. It was then that I realized I drank hummingbird water,(pure sure&colored water) I was so embarrassed, but I had to tell her the truth, I barely had my sentence out when she began to laugh uncontrollably, bringing her hands up to her shoulders she began to mock a hummingbird wings fluttering.
Thank God it was safe to drink.And she had a good sense of humor,Moral of the story never assume lol
Blessed day


  1. Your a card John, you made me laugh. If I drank that I would be awake all night, I'm addicted to sugar but I'm trying to stop.

  2. Thanks Paula I almost need to edit my stories fir my sake lol