Wednesday, April 7

Where Did All The Bloggers Go??

I will keep this short,I guess at this point Im really writng this for myself.Everyone seems to have flocked over to Facebook,My Space,Twitter.We live in the right now, Got keep it short and move on Time. So I will keep it short.My home that I lost.I moved out of Feb 20th.They called me today and excepted my bid and Im signing the contract friday.Im still half heartly believing this,Those few who have followed me, no the stuggles and heartache I've endured the past 15 months.We shall see.Just wanted to write it down. I guess I will see you somewhere out in the world wide web.My Pastor always said The internet is like a web.Once it traps you. your in.So anyways back to my online blog.Which no longer has readers to comment.Its now simply a journal with ones personal thoughts like they use to have in the olden days .So I guess I will get the key out and lock the cover so no one reads the contents.
Blogging off for now