Friday, March 27

'Four Officers Killed in Oakland Ca. Shooting"

A Memorial was held for four slain Officers.Mark Dunakin 40,Ervine Roman43, Dan Sakai35, JohnHege41.Thousands of Officers&firefighters from around the Nation&Overseas,turned out for the four veteran Officers.
On March 21 rst. they were shot in the line of duty in Oakland Ca.By a 26 year old parole violator,who was also killed.It began with a traffic stop and ended in gun battle. I thought the eulogy's were heart-felt and it at times difficult to watch. Living here in California justtwo hours from Oakland it hits close to home. My room mate told me that as he was driving to work. On every over pass there were officers and fire trucks with flags hanging at half mass in Honor of the Officers. It so sad that it takes something this tragic to pull us together and realize we must remember to pray for our locals hero's and ask For Gods protection to be with us All!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25

Spring is in th air.(ahhhchooooo)

Well folks , Spring is here. And so is the sneezing, sniffling, coughing, runny nose, stuffy head..But being able to go out doors sure is nice. If only my swollen red eyes would let me seeeeee. So take a little time and enjoy the Veiw(ahhhhchoooo0)

Thursday, March 19


Well Bloggers, We got another girl.As you may remember about two weeks ago I announced my great nephew being born Grayson Grover Foss. This is Grayson's cousin Hanna Lou Hart. Her Mother is Andrea. Thats Bonnie's Grand daughter. (My Sister Bonnie is the one that had the heart attack back in Jan. We thank GOD that She is here to witness these miracles And be with her Grandbabies. Ok folks that going to be it for the baby announcements for awhile. >>>(As far as I know.) Hanna weighs 7lbs and 19 inches long.
My sister Trisha and I are going up to Placerville to spend Easter with everyone. We are looking forward to some Family "Bonding" time. Not a whole lot to say tonight....You all have a good night
BloggingOff for Now JP

Tuesday, March 17


Hello everyone. time to break out the corn beef&Cabbage and get ready to enjoy the luck of the Irish..Good Luck looking for the pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.....And please keep praying for Mark's Grandpa Ted He is going to have the hip surgery in the morning.20 percent chance of him coming out of it His heart might not handle the Anestassia.We are praying that God heal him or take him home. Just no suffering. Thank you everyone. Thank you Sugar for your kind words

Monday, March 16


Mark holding Grandpa's hand
Grandpa Ted Age 72

Hello Everyone. Im asking prayers for my Best Friend Marks' GrandpasTed. He's 72. This past saturday he fell and broke his hip. He's in the hospital now at Saint Johns in Missouri. They had to put the surgery on hold, His heart is not able to handle the surgery. He's is a strong Man very independant Always has been that way. There keeping the pain under control with medication. Im asking you to pray for God to give him strength, also for Mark, He is very close to His Grandpa, they spend alot of time together. And asking prayers for all the Family. They are going thru this stressful time right now. That God be with them no matter the out come. Thankyou evryone

Thursday, March 12


Hello, Got the computer fired up and made a fresh pot of coffee. Working a night shift tonight. Im a care giver. But this times its for two cats. Yes two Cats.....Willy and Dollie. They have their own three bedroom house. Huge pool out back.(For Us, not the cats) And each have their own bed room. Im not kidding. They are well taken care of. Their owner passed away back in June and His daughter who lives a bout two hours away hired a day shift person and a night shift person.Our job is to keep them company and make sure the house looks lived in. With the economy getting so bad and all the home's burgerized.She wants us to watch the house and make it look lived in............ Now in other news.Thank you to everyone for your prayers.Back on Jan 12th I asked for prayers for my great neice Baby Shaylynn.The Doctors said they were going to have to go in and open up her scalp That her soft spot didnt have any room to grow.. So Her Mom took her to Madera Calif. Doctors said she didnt think it was needed after all.Darlean(Shays Mom) Wanted a second opinion,And shes been so worried about all this. In the mean time I asked many bloggers to pray and you did, leaving heart felt comments THANKYOU . Today Dar took Shay to Palo Alto (Bay Area) And got another Doctors opinion ant they ran test and said NO surgery is needed.Praise God.We are so Happy.
You all have a great evening. Blogging off for now JP

Saturday, March 7


Hello Folks,
It's that time again. Spring ahead....... What is it?Fall back?Spring head? Starve a fever, Feed a Cold. Feed a fever, Starve a Cold. I could never really figure all that out. I heard that some States don't even have to change their clocks. WHAAAAT!!!!! Ive never heard of such a thing. Anyways we here in California Must set our clocks ahead. And tomorrow will be the annual ritual. Families running late into Church.Service half over. Confused looks on their faces...(Not sure were the tag came from of the fairy.) I wish I knew how to create tags. Its not really appropriate for a 40 something single male to have a little fairy on his blog.(No offense to any one) At any rate you all enjoy your Spring.
Blogging off for now JP

Monday, March 2


This is my best friend Mark's Son(Mark&Family pictures are on my side bar.) Mark was born and raised in California. He calls Missouri home(for Now)
Blogging off for now JP