Friday, March 27

'Four Officers Killed in Oakland Ca. Shooting"

A Memorial was held for four slain Officers.Mark Dunakin 40,Ervine Roman43, Dan Sakai35, JohnHege41.Thousands of Officers&firefighters from around the Nation&Overseas,turned out for the four veteran Officers.
On March 21 rst. they were shot in the line of duty in Oakland Ca.By a 26 year old parole violator,who was also killed.It began with a traffic stop and ended in gun battle. I thought the eulogy's were heart-felt and it at times difficult to watch. Living here in California justtwo hours from Oakland it hits close to home. My room mate told me that as he was driving to work. On every over pass there were officers and fire trucks with flags hanging at half mass in Honor of the Officers. It so sad that it takes something this tragic to pull us together and realize we must remember to pray for our locals hero's and ask For Gods protection to be with us All!!!!!!


  1. may they all r.i.p.
    saying a prayer for their families, & friends...that they find comfort & peace amidst their sorrow.
    God bless...

  2. Such a tragedy! My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of those slain in the line of duty. Looked like a wonderful tribute to such brave men.

  3. that is so true john...its sad that it takes a tragedy for us to remember to pray for one another. we all are guilty of taking each other for granted. i feel so heartbroken for those families that lost those they loved so much.