Monday, August 5


Once again I had a (John) moment:
Saturday  Nug and I jumped in the truck and headed to the bank.
I needed to deposit my check and get a little cash to get me through the weekend.
                I pulled up to the drive through window obeyed the signs that I must of read at least a million times.Turn off engine and have deposit slip ready.FEELING OBEDIENT AND PROUD OF MYSELF I WAS AHEAD OF THE GAME....Hmmm no long line of cars for me to wait behind.
             This is our lucky day Nugg(my dog) Waiting for the teller I decided to go thru my phone,editing ringtones adding pictures and personalizing my phone.Then I decided to play my game.After playing for awhile I began to get impatient and yelled! C'mon already people!"Nugg jumped.I look over at the teller.No one was around.Sign in the window read Closed at Noon on Saturdays.It was 12:20 I felt so dum.Started up my truck looked over at Nugg I know ,I know dont give me that look.Not only no cash for the weekend,No coffee money. Working 16hour shifts I NEED COFFEE