Sunday, April 26

It shouldnt take a Funeral to have a Reunion

Hello my blogger friends, sorry for not writing in a while.For the most part Life has been good.Let me go back a little.In March a long time friend from Church lost her battle to cancer.She was only 46. A Mother of three and a husband who was her High School sweetheart.It was very difficul to see them at Church mourning a great loss.
 I can say that Irene kept her Faith til the end.She always believed God would heal her from cancer.HE DID..... just not in a physical way.He gave her a new body and I believe without a doubt shes walking on streets of Gold in Heaven. 

                          I titled my entry to say this..."It shouldnt take a Funeral to have a Reunion" At the funeral I ran into A Mother and daughter who have been long time friends of mine.We attended the same Church for over 15 years.We worked on the Newsletter together and did Childrens Ministry together.But when they left my Church around seven years ago,We both got busy and really didnt see each other that often.We kept intouch through Facebook.When I seen Sister Jenny at Sis Irenes funeral she grabbed me and hugged me and gave me a big smile.I called her "Mama Banda".Even though we were at a funeral we were happy to reunite.We planned on getting together soon.

                          Three weeks later Im at Church when we got word that Sister Jenny passd away..WHAT??? It cant be true??"I said standing there in shock. I found out later that she had a heart attack and her husband found her.I knew that she had heart problems and had a pace maker put in years ago.She had just retired two years ago.BUT I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
                           A week later I found myself back at the same Church that she and I reunited just weeks ago.Her daughter sang Strike up the  band Moms coming home.She sang so beautiful, Im sure her Momwas proud of her....It saddens me how we let time go by you never know what tomorrow brings.We need to make sure we spend time with loved ones.Not just an email or tex or comment on facebook we need to pick up phone more often and laugh together.Let them know we  love and appreciate them.
Sorry this post wasnt a light hearted story but I needed to write it.
You all have a Blessed day
Sis Irene and her husband

Thursday, April 9


Well it has been awhile since I blogged. Let me back track. November 13th I had dental work done.I had to have 16 teeth extracted.I was awake  through the procedure.I did alot of praying.Ive been needing this done for several years.My dental insurance finally approved it.It was very painful.I had to get top dentures and they did a great job on them.Me being only 48 they wanted to make them as real looking as possable. The follow up was very difficult learning to talk, swallow and eat was very challenging.I got them just in time for a big family weekend for Christmas.I had a hard time wearing them and it took me an hour to eat a plate of food.Over time and determination I finally got the hang of it.And now I feel much better about my appearance and learned how to smile.Thank God for helping me through this.
                       Also I've been helping my co worker care for her husband he was 74 and diagnosed with brain cancer Shes 71 and was doing all his care.Transferring him assisting him any way she could.So sad to see someone going through this.Cancer affects everyone.She would call me over to pray for her and her husband. I felt honored to help out.He passed away last month.She doesn't have any family or children.I try to meet her once a week for lunch and just listen to her.Asking all of you to send prayers Marlenes way for God to give her strength.Hope you all are having a good day