Saturday, November 29


On Friday.We didn't have Church.Because 0f the Thanksgiving Holiday.So I hung out with one of my best friends.Who just happens to be my Pastor.We go waaaay back,over 20 years. This man is awesome. He has been there for me thru thick and thin.(The lost of both parents and three sisters.)Not only has been there for moral support he provided the Church and his services ,(at no cost Just out of friendship.I wasnt planning ON BLOGGING ABOUT A FRIEND. I guess I went a different direction,We hear and read about This Pastor and that Church Having scandels or ACCUSED of defrauding the Church for money,And its so sad.This man here(picture to the right)Is a true man of A God.He lives what he preaches behind the pulpit.I should know,I hang out with him .That brings me back to the title of this blog.He and I went to Wal-mart Friday night,(SugarShacks store lol)I had pulled out a$100 bill to ask my friend if it looked fake to him,There I am standing in line with my wallet open,The guy next to me is steering into my wallet. He moved closer to me,I had a weird feeling,and stepped away,We began to walk to the truck.Elias(Pastor)said:Be prepared ,the guy in the store was paying attention to your money.: We started to walk a little faster to his truck.Thank God nothing happened. But it makes me stop and think,With the economy the way it.No jobs, People are getting desparate.I just want to remind all you.Please be careful and watch your surroundings at all times. Try not to carry to much with you. What little you have,is hard to come by. And be Safe.We got to pray for this ol world. Its hard times right now
.Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, November 27


Nothing like Family.

I couldnt resist

Hello everyone,Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.Lets see the foods gone,The dogs are content,and the Kids are asleep.Ahhhh Peace&Quiet, (time to call it a night)...Wait wasn't there a chocolate pie left behind.Poor thing. I'll be rightback.O.k.Im back that was great.Im stuffed.Had a great time today.This year we decided to spend Thansgiving with some great Friends/Family.Since both of our Families lost our Dad's this past year.We decided to be together,Moral support and get thru this Holiday. What we didnt realize is how much fun we were going to have. A very much needed get together.A lot food,laughing,food, Photo ops.Oh ya did I mention food.(Thanks Bobbie for opening your home)She the one to the left of me in the red/black blouse. And thats her Sister Ann.We grew up together 30 years.I can't say how important this day was.I guess I would have to say Im Thankful for good times.being silly, and just loving the company you keep.Thanks for stopping by,and please send a friend my way.

Wednesday, November 26


Well we are here at our friend /family Bobbies house. She's the one in the top left wearing black and her sister Ann ,another life long friend/family member. We decided to get together this Thanksgiving,Having not done this in 15 years, Both lost our Father's in the past year,we thought what better way to continue our Parents life long friendships and to honor them by (not getting depressed )making new happy memories,So tonight we are doing a sleepover and reminsing of childhood memorie.Lots of laughter.Thats what our Dads would of wanted.

Its 1a.m. the turkeys in the oven and four of us just sneaked into the kitchen and shared a home made apple pie.And more laughing. Im thank God that we can still laugh after all our losses.But thats how our parents raised us .So I say to all of you liv luv and lagh..May You enjoy your day .And to those home alone for what ever reason.Just know you have people thinking of you We here in Bloggerville wish ou a Happy Thanksgiving,and Blessed Day

Goodnight and God Bless


Monday, November 24


Hello everyone,Im sorry if this is picture is to graphic.On Sunday, I had gone to Church.(BATTLING A BAD HEADACHE.} But i managed.And I'm so glad I went. we had three Baptisms.Awesom service. Anyways after Church The Pastor took the Youth& Juniors bowling.I decided to go straight home and lay down.At 5;30P.M. I woke up. My head wasnt hurting as bad, A lot of it has to do with stressing&Worrying over my Sister Dee being in&Out of the hospital.THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOU PRAYERS AND KIND WORDS.Anyways Im home hanging out with my to room mates watching Monstor In Law With Jane Fonda &Jennifer Lopez.We were laughing and relaxing.My phone rings.Its my Sisters' Husband.He's drunk....Again and yelling on the phone(whats new) He tells me shes hurt bad and needs to get to the hospital, "I am to drunk to drive her"He's shouts.(No really??) He goes on and on about how shes hurt and you could see thye muscle hanging out of her leg.I got her on the phone Shes trying to remain calm.I can hear it in her voice,that shock is setting in. So I remain very calm and tell her to elavate her leg above her heart and we will call 9 1 1(An all to familiar number for me lately.(God help us) But then there friend Jim (the one that doesnt drink and has common sense} Talks to me and says its pretty bad,Im taken her to Hospital. Mean while her husbands' in the background slurring his words and yelling at her for getting hurt. To make a long story short. She finished her laundry and was carrying it in the house. When Her right ankle tripped in a hole,loosing her balance she fell up against the fence and a sharp nail sticking out caught her leg and ripped it open.(By the way her husband boarded up the fence and didnt think to bend the nails,(Hes got the I.Q. of a leaf.. Oh, wait even a leaf knows when its fall and when how to turn colors) After several hours at the hospital. Drs fixed her up. She has Ten staples and one sprained ankle. I wasnt sure how bad it was.I washome I knelt down in my room and began to pray.And God answered my prayer justentimee.She'll be ok. Bloggers Thank you for letting me vent.Any suggestions on making sure those staples dont get infected or pop out .Im bringingTrisha to my house Tuesday to take care of her.I and Dee and need to make sure Dee;s eating and getting stronger.Somewhere its written God will never put on you more than you can bare.I promise my next entry wont be so intense. You all take care,Looking forward to hearing from you'

Feeling no pain.For Now,Shes all smiles

Friday, November 21

Donations for our Soliders

Well I went out today and was doing some shopping for Thanks-giving,Got to the check out counter..The lady working the register asked me "Would you like to buy an item to be donated for our soliders?" "I said next time im in I will." "She said then you half to buy two next time".I said "you know what I'll buy one she started clapping and announced over the intercome.And a group gathered around clapping.I said "you know what its for a good cause.Ill buy two."They all clapped.And I told her" o.k.Im doing my part now you got purchase one item too."If your representing the cause,You need to support as well.She stood there for a minute and said you know what your right,I clapped for her and everyone laughed, My point to this is,It is nice to give and support .WHEN YOU CAN.I did feel like I was put on the spot.But I got to admit it felt good to donate.And we do need to help out our Soliders with items,Letters and much needed prayer.They really need to come home soon. They are over there fighting for us to be able to live out our everyday lives So i want to encourage everyone to do what they can.

Wednesday, November 19


sly fox

Got up late today.Had a hard time sleeping last night.I was up at 2:30a.m. watching CNN hoping to get myself sleepy.What is the best thing to get your mind to shut off long enough to sleep?Anyone have any suggestions? My sister Trisha stayed the night.We watched Ellen DeGeneres in her stand up act from 2000,She makes me laugh.

My other sister Dee was feeling sick.She was in the hospital last month some type of virus,They never did say what it was.Except for her to follow up with her Dr. She doesn't have insurance.To make matters worse the ambulance driver was very rude to her,Cursing at her. When I called 911 today she was hesitant about going. Afraid she would get treated that way again.But this group that came out were very nice.They even said they were going to check into the last one that were out and file a complaint. The hospital didn't do a whole lot for her,Got her an I.V. and oxygen and said they cant seem to find anything wrong with her.I can tell by looking at her she sick.She cant eat she gets weak and very tired. I thought maybe her ulcers came back. So please keep her in your prayers. Shes got to get better soon,Her little two month old grand-daughter goes in for brain surgery in January.Scary...

If you read my blog you know Have a dog named Nuggett.Before the Ambulance got there I had to get her into my room.Easier said then done...She argued with me.She did not want to go in the room.I had to raise my voice at her. Finally got her in the there. I went out front to wait for the ambulance in the yard.There was Nugg wagging her tail at me.She'd gone out Thur my slider.She took one look at me and ran back around the house .I ran down the hall and opened my bed room door just in time to see her jumping on my bed and laying down.Acting all innocent.I shook my head and laughed.I had to kiss her on the head. For yelling earlier.Sometimes I think shes in charge,instead of me.I closed the slider and close my bedroom door.grinning for second thinking about that little dog.

Well I hope to get this journal up and running. I read a lot of them with nice graphics and tags and borders and hope to accomplish that some day.Thanks for stopping by.Remember Gods always JUST INTYME

Saturday, November 1


The little ones is my Dog Nugget, Isnt she a good sport? She so smart. she even learned how to scooba dive. We enjoyed Our time Sight seeing and snorkling off the beaches of Waikiki. But it sure feels good to be back home. I didnt do a whole a lot today, Came down with a flu bug.I did spend the day home with the dogs. I get a kick out of Nug. Shes taking liquid antobiodic.shes alergic to Flea eggs. Ive never heard of that before. Leave it to her, Shes just like me .both of us are hypercondriacs.When she takes her medicine she grints her teeth the whole time. I tell her that $120 bucks you gotta take every drop. Shes good about it though. Im so greatful to have her here.

We also have Buddy now, He's protects our home. After getting burgerized last month and nearly loosing everything. I have a whole new respect for our four legged furry friends. He came is a Blessing. Well you all have a great night.

blogging off for now JP