Saturday, November 1


The little ones is my Dog Nugget, Isnt she a good sport? She so smart. she even learned how to scooba dive. We enjoyed Our time Sight seeing and snorkling off the beaches of Waikiki. But it sure feels good to be back home. I didnt do a whole a lot today, Came down with a flu bug.I did spend the day home with the dogs. I get a kick out of Nug. Shes taking liquid antobiodic.shes alergic to Flea eggs. Ive never heard of that before. Leave it to her, Shes just like me .both of us are hypercondriacs.When she takes her medicine she grints her teeth the whole time. I tell her that $120 bucks you gotta take every drop. Shes good about it though. Im so greatful to have her here.

We also have Buddy now, He's protects our home. After getting burgerized last month and nearly loosing everything. I have a whole new respect for our four legged furry friends. He came is a Blessing. Well you all have a great night.

blogging off for now JP



  1. my furrs are everything to be, my best friends, my family, my protectors, etc.
    angel, sweet pee, & monkee my dear sweet babies.
    how smart of nugget scooba diving! and buddy there to protect you. hope both are spayed & neutered.
    pats to both of them from me & woof from my 3 girls.

  2. Oh yes they are and up on all thier shots Thanks John