Wednesday, November 26


Well we are here at our friend /family Bobbies house. She's the one in the top left wearing black and her sister Ann ,another life long friend/family member. We decided to get together this Thanksgiving,Having not done this in 15 years, Both lost our Father's in the past year,we thought what better way to continue our Parents life long friendships and to honor them by (not getting depressed )making new happy memories,So tonight we are doing a sleepover and reminsing of childhood memorie.Lots of laughter.Thats what our Dads would of wanted.

Its 1a.m. the turkeys in the oven and four of us just sneaked into the kitchen and shared a home made apple pie.And more laughing. Im thank God that we can still laugh after all our losses.But thats how our parents raised us .So I say to all of you liv luv and lagh..May You enjoy your day .And to those home alone for what ever reason.Just know you have people thinking of you We here in Bloggerville wish ou a Happy Thanksgiving,and Blessed Day

Goodnight and God Bless


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  1. Sorry about the mis spelling in the title.should read FOR.Will fix it another time.I just found that whole page,thought it was gone forever lo