Monday, November 24


Hello everyone,Im sorry if this is picture is to graphic.On Sunday, I had gone to Church.(BATTLING A BAD HEADACHE.} But i managed.And I'm so glad I went. we had three Baptisms.Awesom service. Anyways after Church The Pastor took the Youth& Juniors bowling.I decided to go straight home and lay down.At 5;30P.M. I woke up. My head wasnt hurting as bad, A lot of it has to do with stressing&Worrying over my Sister Dee being in&Out of the hospital.THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOU PRAYERS AND KIND WORDS.Anyways Im home hanging out with my to room mates watching Monstor In Law With Jane Fonda &Jennifer Lopez.We were laughing and relaxing.My phone rings.Its my Sisters' Husband.He's drunk....Again and yelling on the phone(whats new) He tells me shes hurt bad and needs to get to the hospital, "I am to drunk to drive her"He's shouts.(No really??) He goes on and on about how shes hurt and you could see thye muscle hanging out of her leg.I got her on the phone Shes trying to remain calm.I can hear it in her voice,that shock is setting in. So I remain very calm and tell her to elavate her leg above her heart and we will call 9 1 1(An all to familiar number for me lately.(God help us) But then there friend Jim (the one that doesnt drink and has common sense} Talks to me and says its pretty bad,Im taken her to Hospital. Mean while her husbands' in the background slurring his words and yelling at her for getting hurt. To make a long story short. She finished her laundry and was carrying it in the house. When Her right ankle tripped in a hole,loosing her balance she fell up against the fence and a sharp nail sticking out caught her leg and ripped it open.(By the way her husband boarded up the fence and didnt think to bend the nails,(Hes got the I.Q. of a leaf.. Oh, wait even a leaf knows when its fall and when how to turn colors) After several hours at the hospital. Drs fixed her up. She has Ten staples and one sprained ankle. I wasnt sure how bad it was.I washome I knelt down in my room and began to pray.And God answered my prayer justentimee.She'll be ok. Bloggers Thank you for letting me vent.Any suggestions on making sure those staples dont get infected or pop out .Im bringingTrisha to my house Tuesday to take care of her.I and Dee and need to make sure Dee;s eating and getting stronger.Somewhere its written God will never put on you more than you can bare.I promise my next entry wont be so intense. You all take care,Looking forward to hearing from you'

Feeling no pain.For Now,Shes all smiles


  1. glad you had a nice sun service!
    sorry to hear of sister's accident, will pray for her & for her dh.
    as for how to take care of wound, er should've given her a wound care list of what to do & not do. hope her tetnus is up to date or they gave her one.
    as for the comment you left pn my journalm re making you a special tag...i need to know more about what you want. you'd need to email me.
    have a good week.

  2. That is some nasty cut John. I'm glad it wasn't more serious though. I was married to a drinker and I know it's no fun. I gave up on him eventually and life improved (for me anyway...he's still a bad drunk). I will pray for your family.
    Hugs, Joyce

  3. john, i made the tag you wanted but need an email addy to send it to.
    be sure it's correct or you won't get it.

    ps i tried the one on your profile, but it wouldn't go thru.

  4. Praying for you and your family.
    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.