Friday, November 21

Donations for our Soliders

Well I went out today and was doing some shopping for Thanks-giving,Got to the check out counter..The lady working the register asked me "Would you like to buy an item to be donated for our soliders?" "I said next time im in I will." "She said then you half to buy two next time".I said "you know what I'll buy one she started clapping and announced over the intercome.And a group gathered around clapping.I said "you know what its for a good cause.Ill buy two."They all clapped.And I told her" o.k.Im doing my part now you got purchase one item too."If your representing the cause,You need to support as well.She stood there for a minute and said you know what your right,I clapped for her and everyone laughed, My point to this is,It is nice to give and support .WHEN YOU CAN.I did feel like I was put on the spot.But I got to admit it felt good to donate.And we do need to help out our Soliders with items,Letters and much needed prayer.They really need to come home soon. They are over there fighting for us to be able to live out our everyday lives So i want to encourage everyone to do what they can.


  1. everyone should support our service people, in one way or another. and remember them in our prayers. they are giving sooo much, & giving up sooo much. some even pay the ultimate price. let's all pray for their safety.
    come visit me when you can, & leave a comment...
    as i saw you were leaving me comments in YOUR comment section, i normally don't go back & check them. so if you have a reply, email it to me or post in my journal. ok?
    have a good wkend. huggies...

  2. john, sending a few of my dear readers over to visit!

  3. Hi John, I came over from Sugar's blog. I have read several of your enteries and enjoyed them. Sending up prayers for you and your sisters. Your dogs are so cute.
    Here is the name of mine if you care to take a look at it. Have a good night. Helen

  4. I was sent over here by Sugar. You've got the sweetest header I have ever saw! I pray that your sister gets well soon. Love the doggies.....

  5. Hi John. Sugar sent me over to visit. What a nice thing you did (even if you were put on the I'm glad you turned in around to the clerk too. Have a good week and visit me sometime.
    Hugs, Joyce

  6. Glad that you came by my blog and left a comment. Yes we have two dogs we love plus two grandogs we love also. The Dad who lost his journal is not really my dad but everyone calls him that. He is 95 years old now and the oldest blogger in the USA. everyone loves him. He takes a long time each morning doing his blog except Sundays and that is his go to meeting days. Actually they have church at his home I just recently found out. I hope you and all those you love have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Helen