Saturday, November 29


On Friday.We didn't have Church.Because 0f the Thanksgiving Holiday.So I hung out with one of my best friends.Who just happens to be my Pastor.We go waaaay back,over 20 years. This man is awesome. He has been there for me thru thick and thin.(The lost of both parents and three sisters.)Not only has been there for moral support he provided the Church and his services ,(at no cost Just out of friendship.I wasnt planning ON BLOGGING ABOUT A FRIEND. I guess I went a different direction,We hear and read about This Pastor and that Church Having scandels or ACCUSED of defrauding the Church for money,And its so sad.This man here(picture to the right)Is a true man of A God.He lives what he preaches behind the pulpit.I should know,I hang out with him .That brings me back to the title of this blog.He and I went to Wal-mart Friday night,(SugarShacks store lol)I had pulled out a$100 bill to ask my friend if it looked fake to him,There I am standing in line with my wallet open,The guy next to me is steering into my wallet. He moved closer to me,I had a weird feeling,and stepped away,We began to walk to the truck.Elias(Pastor)said:Be prepared ,the guy in the store was paying attention to your money.: We started to walk a little faster to his truck.Thank God nothing happened. But it makes me stop and think,With the economy the way it.No jobs, People are getting desparate.I just want to remind all you.Please be careful and watch your surroundings at all times. Try not to carry to much with you. What little you have,is hard to come by. And be Safe.We got to pray for this ol world. Its hard times right now
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  1. i agree, all need to be watchful re their wallets, puses, etc.
    during times like these...i don't carry my money, cards, or id in my if they do get it (thinking that old fat handicapped lady can't chase us so let's get her purse). i carry only what i'll need...usually my debit card in my bra like my granny used to do lol.
    nice you have a good pastor, & a true friend. many ministers today are that only in name! not in what in the true meaning.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you're having a nice day and hope the baby you ask for prayer for is doing well.

  3. love this pic you havent been on here for awhile. i sent a bunch of pics to your priority address