Thursday, January 22


Hello everyone. I just got home from Spending four days with my Sister Bonnie. We had a great time. She is getting stronger everyday. We laughed and talked a lot. And hung out. Placerville is such a Beautiful place. Its a bout one hour east of Sacramento and maybe one hour west of Lake Tahoe. I drove up on Monday. and on Tuesday she felt like getting out. So her daughter Shannon came over (Shes almost eight months pregnant.) And Bonnie's Co-worker and one her best friends Terry, stopped by.All four of us drove to the store to pick out a new diet plan for Bonnie. Shes watching her sodium intake her salt,sugar, and calories pretty much a whole new diet, Her Husband Scott has been right beside her.He to has changed his diet so they can eat the same meals together.Then on Wednesday I drove Bonnie to her job so she could see all her co workers. Shes a Med tech at an Assisted Living Facility.They were all happy to see her and amazed at how well she looked. From there her and I found a nice little place to have lunch."The Balla" We ordered Oven roasted turkey,she had fresh fruit and a diet Pepsi,I had turkey and a side of minestrone soup.Very good. The best part was being able to sit there with my sister and spend time together, Shes a miracle.Blogger 's I want to remind you to go up to your spouse, your brother or sister, o a loved one. and just let them know how much you appreciate them.Here's some pictures from my trip.

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  1. i'm pleased to hear your sister doing so much better!!!!!

  2. glad to her your sister is improving so well. God is wonderful, isn't He? praise Him!!!
    have a good wkend.

  3. Hi John. Thanks for stopping by my blog. May I recommend a couple that I think you would like a lot... and
    Both are Christians with wonderful entries. Come back any time and visit. I'm slow to do entries these days but I try. lol.
    Hugs, Joyce

  4. Hi there John. I am glad that you enjoyed the time with your family and also glad that your sister is doing better.

    I think at times we take our relationships with family and friends for granted. It's times like this that bring it all back into focus.


  5. beautiful picture of your mom. we all miss her very much she was always on my side no matter what the issue. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.
    thanks for the good advise john. i just spent 3 days with my mom remenising about my dad so yes your right dont forget to say i love you to the ones who matter the most.